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September 13, 2018

Plugged In | 9.13.18 – iNACOL Publishes Issue Brief on How States Approach Innovation Zones and More Education Transformation News

And from the neo-liberals to end the day.

Plugged In
Sept. 13, 2018
Updated Issue Brief: How States Generate Space for Transformation with Innovation Zones
For states beginning their journeys to student-centered learning, a powerful strategy that policymakers can start with is to create space for local educators to lead this transformation with innovation zones.

Innovation zones offer school districts a way to request waivers or exemptions from regulations and statutes to implement groundbreaking learning environments. They enable state leaders to identify outdated policies and regulations that can impede these innovative educators from meeting the needs of every student.

To help state policymakers enact effective innovation zone policies, we’ve published an updated issue brief, Innovation Zones: Creating Policy Flexibility for Competency-Based, Personalized Learning, with seven examples of how states or localities have approached innovation zones statutes and regulations:

New Executive Summary on Groundbreaking iNACOL Report
iNACOL has published an executive summary of Current to Future State: Issues and Action Steps for State Policy to Support Personalized, Competency-Based Learning to highlight the major themes of the groundbreaking report, which was published in January 2018. In the report, iNACOL articulates a bold vision for the future of K-12 education and offers action steps for state policymakers to build a strategy for transformation, enabling personalized, competency-based education. The executive summary is designed to support decision-makers and community members understand the critical issues to be addressed in their journey toward transformation. Use the link below to explore.
iNACOL 2018 Symposium Speakers Announced
iNACOL 2018 Symposium Keynote Speakers Announced
We’re thrilled to announce a dynamic lineup of keynote speakers for the 2018 iNACOL Symposium in Nashville. Register today to catch the insights of Carlos Moreno, Phyllis Lockett, Tony Monfiletto, Russlynn Ali, David Istance, Jemar Lee and Pamela Cantor, M.D. Our Symposium page has more details.
iNACOL 2018 Pre-Conference Workshops Announced
Extend Your Learning with Pre-Conference Workshops
iNACOL offers pre-conference workshops on Sunday, October 21, 2018, to provide focused full- and half-day interactive opportunities for deeper learning and knowledge-building in personalized, competency-based learning. Click below to read descriptions of all the workshops planned.
New from iNACOL’s Blog: Education Domain
Accountability Models Designed for Continuous Improvement in Student-Centered Learning Systems
State and local education systems need to focus on supporting an accountability system that continuously improves to meet the needs of a changing society, economy and student populations.
Accountability models image
Innovation Zones: How State Leaders Generate Space for Transformation
Innovation zones also help to change the relationship between school districts and state departments of education from one based largely on compliance to one involving support of school districts and building their capacity. Innovation zones are also known as “districts of innovation” or “schools of innovation.”
Threshold Concept: Developing a Long-Term Strategy to Support Systems Change for Meeting Students Where They Are
Competency-based systems entail meeting students where they are every day and engaging in a cycle of supporting learning academically, socially, emotionally and holistically.
Plugged In Headlines: Other News in Personalized, Competency-Based Education
Reality Check | Episode 35: Gisèle Huff, The Jaquelin Hume Foundation
Jeanne Allen, National Review

Is It Time for the American Approach to Assessment to Change?
Alyson Klein, Education Week

Stories On The Road To Proficiency
Vermont PBS

Teachers Want to Prepare Students for the Jobs of The Future – but Feel Stymied
Caroline Preston, The Hechinger Report

Vista High Transitioning to ‘Personalized Learning’ Program
Deborah Sullivan Brennan, The San Diego Union-Tribune

A “Handmade Forerunner” of Personalized Learning, Forged by Teachers
Laura Pappano, The Hechinger Report

Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning?
Claire Cain Miller, The New York Times

The iNACOL Center for Policy Advocacy leads the multi-stage evolution of policy necessary for the growth of effective personalized learning models toward the goals of high quality, equity, access and dramatically improving student learning to close the achievement gap and ensure every student has access to high-quality, world-class learning opportunities.
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Working collaboratively with diverse experts in the field, iNACOL produces reports, books, policy briefs, blog posts, webinars and related resources on key topics and tough issues that equip and empower educators and leaders to catalyze and scale personalized, next generation learning models. Use our web-based library to freely access and share materials.
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