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August 9, 2018

Call For Proposals: International Forum for Women in E-learning – IFWE

Note this call for proposals coming up next.

Call for Proposals
The United States Distance Learning Association’s
International Forum for Women in E-Learning (IFWE)
San Antonio, Texas
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 – Friday, November 30, 2018
Call for Proposals
Due Date: August 19, 2018

USDLA is pleased to present the Call for Proposals for the eighth International Forum for Women in E-Learning conference to be held November 28 – November 30, 2018 at the Hotel Contessa in San Antonio, Texas. To reserve a room please visit our website and be sure to use code USDLA/IFWE

The 2018 conference theme developed by your very creative IFWE 2018 Program Committee is:

IFWE are Visible…

To complement the theme, the committee has selected four topic areas that represent the tracks for which we are soliciting submissions for presentations. These topic areas and their corresponding descriptions are as described.
IFWE are visible… lead!
The leadership track welcomes submissions that respond to: effective leadership models and best practices both within an organization and between external stakeholder groups; the role of leadership in developing conditions for social equity; project management; communication strategies for developing and leading cross-cultural teams (remote); leading disruptive change and designing and developing processes toward the adoption of innovations.
IFWE are visible… mentor!
Submissions for the mentor track should focus on mentoring as a social learning process within formal and/or informal contexts. Topics for submission may include but are not limited to (a) mentoring that supports human development and achievement in social, academic, and professional environments; (b) mentoring as it pertains to career and/or vocational development; (c) mentoring –a social process for supporting cross-cultural teams; (d) mentoring experiences and/or evidence-based practices for developing and/or supporting human connections across organizational groups; (e) mentoring strategies and/or activities used in technology-rich environments; and (f) mentoring interventions that focus on providing underserved groups with opportunities to benefit from private/public programs on educational, economic, social, and health-related levels -in organizations and/or within the scope of societal systems. Submissions that provide evidence-based practices are strongly encouraged.
IFWE are visible… innovate!
Submissions for the innovative track should present transformational ideas, processes, and/or measures of innovativeness that have the potential to advance professional practices within the e-learning community. Submissions that present the effects of the innovation on people, and program-initiatives are encouraged. Examples of presentation topics include a) approaches for diffusing an innovation, b) processes for facilitating the adoption of innovations, c)  measures of innovativeness, d) innovative teaching and learning models, e) promoting a culture of innovation within an organization, and f) overcoming resistance to innovations within an organization.
IFWE are visible… thrive!
The thrive track focuses on multiple topics areas that include: work/life balance, holistic health, self-care, and self-regulation techniques that can be applied across multiple contexts to help others feel fulfilled both professionally and personally. This track aims to help others experience personal wellness and thus thrive in living one’s best life. Submission to the thrive track may include but are not limited to: practices that support stress-relief, self-regulating techniques, harnessing emotional intelligence, fitness activities, approaches to developing consistent fitness routines, meditation practices, real-food education, and sleep habits. Hands-on and interactive participatory-format sessions are encouraged for this track.
Conference participants typically represent a wide array of constituencies and e-learning modalities and thus presentation submissions are encouraged across broad perspectives of the e-learning community. Of interest is that we encourage presentations that address topics that are specifically meaningful to women, such as, women’s health, work/life balance, finding your voice at the table, and current events topics that involve issues of equity (economic, social, political) that may affect women on both personal and professional levels.
Primary constituencies include higher education, K-12 education, military, workforce, telehealth and corporate training. However, we welcome all stakeholders with interests in sharing their insights and professional practices to propel the e-learning community forward. Prior to submitting proposals, please review topic-area descriptions. When submitting proposals, please indicate the specific target area for submission by selecting the appropriate drop-down menu item that provides a listing of the four  tracks for presentation purposes; and also indicate the format style (informative sessions, pre-conference workshops, poster sessions) for presentation submissions. Note: Informative submissions that demonstrate overlapping topic areas may be considered for developing panel presentations.
Sessions: We are planning three types of sessions this year:
1) Informative sessions – These sessions provide an opportunity for one-hour presentations in your field of expertise. Your session should include adequate time for questions at the end of your presentation. (Teams of co-presenters are welcome and encouraged)
2) Pre-conference workshops- These are 2 to 3-hour workshops where presenters lead participants in new directions and allow them to practice new skills. Unfortunately, we do not have a facility for computer-based hands-on workshops. (Teams of co-presenters are welcome and encouraged)
3) Poster sessions – Poster sessions are presented during the IFWE Opening Reception. Poster presenters will be provided a table where they can set up an actual standing 3-panel poster (provided by the presenter) that describes their project or program. The presenter can also have handouts and other materials on the table. During the poster session, IFWE participants will have a chance to visit with all of the presenters.
We recommend that proposals be specific about the value provided to attendees. Please do not plan to make a sales presentation. Proposals should be focused on innovative issues and working solutions.
Abstracts/Session Summaries should include an overview of the session and its relevance to the Theme/Track, as well as to the e-learning community. They should provide: the structure of the session (informative session, pre-conference workshop, poster session) and, if applicable, details about demonstration activities and/or interactive components. Learning objectives and brief details about who might benefit from the session presentation should also be provided.
When in doubt the conference committee we will help you find the proper track!
Important Requirement: All presenters must register for the full conference.
Proposals are due on August 19, 2018
Format for presentation proposals for IFWE 2018:
10 word title
50 word abstract
100-200 words content
Review criteria:
IFWE participants will expect well-delivered presentations containing quality information that is of practical value to their day-to-day personal and professional lives. Each proposal will be reviewed by the IFWE Program Committee. Reviewers will look for clear descriptions. Considerable weight is given to proposals that specify session learning objectives and clearly describe why the content will be relevant and valuable to attendees.
Status of Proposals and Notification:
You will be contacted no later than September 1, 2018 about the status of your proposal. If your proposal is accepted, the lead presenter will receive an email containing information relevant to your presentation. Lead presenters are responsible for forwarding all information to their co-presenters.
The conference will provide a standard set-up (LCD data/video projector and screen). You will need to provide your own laptop computer (and appropriate dongles as needed) and speakers if your presentation requires sound. House sound will not be provided in the session rooms.
Preparing your proposal:
Please be specific and clear when you provide the required information requested on the electronic proposal submission system. When you are ready to submit your proposal, submit it electronically by going to our online submission tool
An email confirming the receipt of your proposal will be sent to you. When you are in the process of entering your proposal you can, at any time, click on Save and Exit. A confirmation email will be sent with information on how to log back in and continue your entry.
For questions about proposals in general, please contact Rhonda Blackburn at If you have any technical problems with your submission, please contact Rhonda.
Good luck with your proposal!
We look forward to seeing you at IFWE 2018!
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  1. This sounds like it would be a good conference. If only I lived closer to attend.

    Comment by advicefromthefield — August 12, 2018 @ 12:41 pm | Reply

    • I haven’t been to the IFWE conference, but the USDLA does do a good – and really practitioner-focused – conference.

      Comment by Michael Barbour — August 12, 2018 @ 8:40 pm | Reply

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