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July 30, 2018

EDTECH537 – Image Entry: Increased Growth, Decreased Oversight

As I mentioned in the Week 6 entry for my EDTECH537 – Blogging In The Classroom course earlier today, I wanted to post a sample of an image entry.

In reality, all of my  entries are image entries because I always include the logo for the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University in those entries.  However, the real goal of the image entry is to use the image to enhance or be the feature of the overall entry.  So…

Used without permission from an article in The Denver Post.  Click on the image to be taken to the article.

This image first appeared in an article in The Denver Post entitled “Oversight yet to catch up with Colorado’s burgeoning online schools” that was first published in 2011, but updated in 2016.

There are some interesting facts on this image, and I’d encourage you to head over and read the full article.  While dated, the notion that full-time K-12 online learning programs continue to increase and growth, at the same time that the oversight of these programs continues to be lacking – even in instances of extremely poor student performance or potential shady business practices – continues to this day!



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