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July 27, 2018

2018 AECT Leadership Development Intern Selection

Congratulations to these young scholars!


Dear AECT members,

The intern programs within AECT recognize the outstanding junior members of our community. The AECT Leadership Development Internship program recognizes emerging leaders in our field and provides opportunities for these skills to further develop as graduate students and new professionals transition into careers in educational communications and technology. The Earl F. Strohbehn is to be awarded to a graduate student and the Lee W. Cochran may be awarded to graduate students or new professionals. The Jenny K. Johnson International Internship recognizes a non-US citizen graduate student or new faculty member who exemplifies the international education dedication. For more information about these internship awards, visit

As the AECT Leadership Intern Coordinator, it is my honor to recognize the following individuals who have been selected as the 2018 AECT Leadership Development Intern class.

Earl F. Strohbehn Intern: Lucas Vasconcelos, Graduate Student at University of Georgia
Lee W. Cochran Intern: Sean Jackson, New Professional at Mason County High School
Lee W. Cochran Intern: Lin Zhong, New Professional at Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Jenny K. Johnson International Intern: Miaoting Cheng, Graduate Student at University of Hong Kong

Megan C. Murtaugh

AECT Leadership Intern Coordinator

238 560-8301


320 W. 8th Street, Suite 101
Bloomington, IN 47404-3745
Toll Free: 877-677-2328 | Phone: 812-335-7675



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