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July 12, 2018

USDLA Newsletter 2018 (07-10-2018)

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Dr. Farhad Saba
Founder, Editor
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Dr. Reggie Smith III
CEO / Executive Director
Associate Editor
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Innovation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education Higher education is in a time of transition. Colleges and universities are seeking and sometimes struggling to keep pace. The challenges come from a number of directions: the changing population of students, evolving demands of the workplace and society into which students will enter, new frontiers in pedagogy powered by […]

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Differences of Instructor Presence Levels in Predominately Online Versus Predominantly Not Online Courses within the Community College Setting

The increase in the number of students enrolling in online courses (Allen & Seaman, 2013; Bennett, Evans, & Riedle, 2007; Seide, 2016) and students concern of the level of instructor presence in the predominately online course (Jaggars, 2014; Queiros and de Villiers, 2016; Tichavsky, Hunt, Driscoll, & Jicha, 2015) are reasons this research is necessary. […]

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Instructor Feedback on a Formal Online Course Quality Assurance Review Process

This case study explored the impact a quality assurance course review had on instructors at University of Wisconsin La Crosse (UWL). This in-house created rubric is used to conduct formal course reviews of online classes developed by instructors at this medium-sized Midwestern public university. Also included in this case study, are results from a […]

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Educators’ Preparation to Teach, Perceived Teaching Presence, and Perceived Teaching Presence Behaviors in Blended and Online Learning Environments

Teaching in blended and online learning environments requires different pedagogical approaches than teaching in face-to-face learning environments. How educators are prepared to teach potentially impacts the quality of instruction provided in blended and online learning courses. Teaching presence is essential to achieving student learning outcomes, yet previous research has focused on student perceptions of teaching […]

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Microlearning: Knowledge management applications and competency-based training in the workplace

The focus of this article is a threefold discussion on microlearning 1) how microlearning best practices facilitate knowledge acquisition in the workplace by engaging and motivating employees through short, personalized, just-in-time learning, 2) ways microlearning integrates with knowledge management applications through situational mentoring, and 3) how competency-based microlearning, via subscription learning, is both an innovative […]

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ETDs [Electronic theses/dissertations]in the 21st Century

Electronic theses/dissertations (ETDs) have been required at higher education institutions for twenty years. Although numerous goals have been realized, the majority of ETDs have not been transformed into new media. EDUCAUSE Review

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Twenty Years: EDUCAUSE and Higher Education IT

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of EDUCAUSE, members reflect on the past, the future, and the intersection between the two in the higher education IT field. On July 1, 1998, EDUCAUSE was created through a merger between CAUSE and Educom, with an original mission to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information […]

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How artificial intelligence is helping Pearson refocus assessment technology

The company’s new head of AI and personalized learning sees an opportunity to create enhanced ways of evaluating students’ work. edscoop

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How to Turn a MOOC Into an Engaging Marketing Vehicle

Many learners and education professionals tend to look on MOOCs with the same lens. Headlines declare that MOOCs Are Dead with the implication that an entire species is on the verge of extinction. The MOOC-sphere in reality is a diverse ecosystem. In their landmark study, MOOCs: Expectations and Reality, Professors Fiona Hollands and Devayani Tirthali […]

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