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July 11, 2018

EDTECH537 – Discussion Entry: Why Do They Get Away With It?

On Monday, in my Week 3 entry, I indicated that today I would post a discussion entry to model for my EDTECH537 students. So…

Last week some time I came across a blog entry entitled “No, educators and policymakers shouldn’t just ‘do what the research shows’” by Rick Hess. The entry itself basically says that the vast majority of research out there on educational interventions are small scale studies or have not been replicated or are geographically/demographically limited; and because of this he advises policymakers (and educators themselves) to not follow act simply based on the latest statistically significant results they are presented with.  I agree 100%.

Now for folks who are unfamiliar with the parties involved, Rick Hess is a major supporter and promotor of school choice initiatives.  Also, for folks that are unfamiliar, the vast majority of research has shown that school choice is no more effective than traditional public schooling (but often results in the traditional public school doing worse because of a lose of resources) – and that small body of research that has found positive results have been small scale studies or have not been replicated or are geographically/demographically limited.

So the irony in this is that this educational reformer, like so many educational reformers out there, are basically promoting one thing themselves, while at the same time asking us not to do the exact same thing.  My question for today is why we continue to allow educational reformers to promote this ‘do as I say, but not as I do’ agenda?  It has been happening for years when it comes to testing.  The statewide standardized testing regime that they pushed for is regularly used to tells us that our traditional public schools are failing.  However, when we use those same measures to indicate that their school choice alternatives are no better, they tell us that these are flawed measures.  They have no problem with the virtual twinning methodological model when it skews the data in favour of a school choice initiative, but when that same organization uses that same model and finds that cyber charter schools are among the worse form of educational reform out there it becomes a flawed methodology.

Why do we allow educational reformers to get away with such hypocrisy?

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