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June 13, 2018

Ultimate Conference Fight Club: Call for Contestants

This competition might be of interest to those academics and graduate students that attend AECT annually.

AECT Presidential Session: Ultimate Conference Fight Club

Call for Contestants
To be presented at:
AECT 2018 International Convention
Kansas City, Missouri
October 23 – October 27 2018

Dialogue Proposals!  This Presidential session will involve opportunities to discuss, in depth, differing views on issues in our fields.  Please consider identifying a colleague with whom you might have a diversity of viewpoints to engage in a dialogue with other members of AECT.  The session last year, which was based on the Carr-Chellman & Rowland text, Issues in Technology, Learning and Instructional Design: Classic and Contemporary Dialogues, took the form of a series of roundtables that brought together experts in our field (that’s you!) to discuss and dialogue about contemporary issues.  For many, it was their favorite session, it’s a unique opportunity to engage in deep discussion with leaders in the field.  Now’s your chance to get in on the fun.  If your idea is particularly compelling we might select it to be further developed for a future edition of the text.

So take a moment and think about the most compelling idea you have in your backpack and bring it out to discuss with others in the field.  Identify someone who might have a very, or even slightly different perspective on the issue and invite them to join you in the dialogue.

Please complete this information to propose a session.

  1. Name of participants (two minimum, four maximum):
  2. Title of Dialogue:
  3. Two paragraphs or less describing the positions you’ll be taking:
  4. Anything else you want reviewers to know about your proposed entry
Please return to before July 15, 2018.

Association for Educational Communications and Technology | 320 W. 8th St. Ste 101 | Bloomington, IN 47404-3745


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