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Full-Time Virtual and Blended Schools: Enrollment, Student Characteristics and Performance This sixth NEPC Annual Report on Virtual Education provides a detailed overview and inventory of full-time virtual schools and blended learning, or hybrid, schools. Full-time virtual schools deliver all curriculum and instruction via the Internet and electronic communication, usually asynchronously with students at home and […]

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Do Student-Produced Videos Enhance Engagement and Learning in the Online Environment

Student engagement in online learning remains a challenge for the design of effective coursework. Additionally, few analyses have focused on student-produced activities in the online mode nor upon how such class activity affect student sub-groups differently. We conducted a randomized design experiment with student video production at a large public university. Student background and behavior […]

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Learners Without Borders: Connected Learning in a Digital Third Space

Authentic field experiences are an important aspect of most teacher education programs, yet collaboration often is difficult because of distance and limited resources. This collective case study aimed to explore the experiences of 30 ninth-grade English language arts (ELA) students and 17 preservice English education teachers as they collaborated in a digital Third Space on […]

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The Fallacies of Open: Participatory Design, Infrastructuring, and the Pursuit of Radical Possibility

To better understand the impacts of participatory design in English language arts teacher education, this critical case study focuses on the National Writing Project’s Connected Learning Massive, Open, Online Collaboration (CLMOOC) that engaged educators in playing with the connected learning framework. The authors draw from 5 years of interaction data to question “open” as a […]

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12 Steps Toward Immersive Learning

Learn by being there. It is this sense of presence that powers the promise of immersive learning. That promise-to enhance the acquisition of new knowledge and improve its far transfer-is supported by theory [1, 2]. Research into situated learning reveals the value of coherent frameworks that faclitate exploration and experimental problem solving [3]. Immersive learning […]

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Book review of Transactional Distance and Adaptive Learning

Susan S. Ko OLJ Editorial Board Saba, Farhad and Shearer, Rick (2018). Transactional Distance and Adaptive Learning: Planning for the Future of Higher Education. 212 pages. Paperback: New York: Routledge. ISBN: 9781138302327 ISBN-10: 1138302325 Keywords: book review, transactional distance, Michael Moore, adaptive learning Michael Moore’s theory of transactional distance (TDT) is a fundamental pedagogical theory and systematic […]

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Using Telepresence Robots to Support Students Facing Adversity

Telepresence robotics allows students who are temporarily unable to attend their classes to continue participating remotely. In higher education, we often encounter students who are experiencing unexpected setbacks that impact their ability to attend class. Whether it’s due to a car accident, a family emergency, or an illness, the inability to get to class can […]

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Race and gender biases appear in online education

The potential of online education is uniquely compelling. Its most zealous advocates imagine a world in which there is exceptionally broad access to carefully refined courses delivered with consistent fidelity, including some taught by leading instructors from the world’s most selective colleges and universities. But integral to promises of wide democratization are questions of equity […]

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Industry News: Apple, D2L, IBM, Facebook, Pearson

Apple: Apple’s New Focus: Student ID Cards Tech giant is working with universities to bring the functionality of a student ID card to the iPhone and Apple Watch. Inside Higher Ed Desire2Learn: The Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. (OIC) Picks D2L Brightspace Selected to Help Reach Every Adult Learner The organization was looking for an […]

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