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May 15, 2018

Upcoming OLC Institute Programs For Instructional Designers

From Sunday’s inbox…

Are you looking for more instructional design learning opportunities?

  • The Instructional Designer Certificate Program helps prepare instructional designers for working with faculty throughout the course design/development process. The full program is comprised of 4 four-week workshops which can be completed over a six-month period. The next cohort starts July 30thLearn more and register.
  • The Instructional Design Mastery Series is a series of three workshops focusing on learning outcomes and assessment, instructional strategies, course management and evaluation of courses that may take place in various learning environments (i.e., web-enhanced, blended, and/or online). Throughout each of the workshops, you will explore common instructional design techniques (based on relevant research) and use such strategies to help you design an effective learning unit. The next cohort starts July 11thLearn more and register.
  • The 4-week courses featured below highlight topics specifically geared towards the instructional designer, including research methods, project management, and learning sciences. Review the workshop descriptions below to learn more and sign up.

Lori Kupczynski Lori Kupczynski, OLC Institute faculty, recently discussed how research knowledge and experience are important competencies for instructional designers, in both their career and professional development, in this blog post.
Focus on: Instructional Designers
Research Methods for the Instructional Designer Community
Aug 6 – Sept 2

Upon completion of this course, members of the instructional design community will be able to identify various research designs, apply soundmethodology to research problems, and collaborate in research environments with knowledge of research from the unique perspective and expertise of the instructional designer.

Project Management for Instructional Designers
Sept 10 – Oct 7

Many instructional designers juggle multiple projects at a time, contributing to key aspects of each project, and often managing more than just one. Join this workshop to develop key competencies in project management by exploring practices, tools, and techniques associated with project management.

Applying the Neuro, Cognitive, and Learning Sciences to Instructional Design
Feb 25 – Mar 24, 2019

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have redesigned a current or planned course, workshop, or program using the principles of the neuro, cognitive, and learning sciences learned in each week of the course.


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