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May 15, 2018

Latest News From REL Northwest

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Latest news and research from REL Northwest
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New video: How to use empathy and perspective-taking to strengthen relationships with students from diverse backgrounds

At North Salem High School, one of the most diverse high schools in Oregon, teachers and school leaders have made building positive relationships with students a top priority. In this video, two teachers share successful strategies they have used to connect to students and build authentic relationships.

Video: Strengthening Relationships with Students from Diverse Backgrounds

On the REL Northwest Voices blog

Students of color continue to receive higher rates of discipline than their White peers. Our latest blog post looks at how some schools are beginning to address these discipline disparities by focusing on the human connection between teachers and students. We explore strategies such as identifying the root causes of disparity; respecting students’ perspectives; and understanding students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.

Resources for improving student attitudes and beliefs about math

A new literature summary shares research-based strategies for improving four math attitudes: growth mindset, math anxiety, sense of belonging, and math self-efficacy. The summary is part of a training series REL Northwest produced for the Washington STEM Education Collaborative that provides resources instructional coaches can use to train upper elementary teachers in classroom practices that promote positive math attitudes and beliefs.

ICYMI: Teacher recruitment and retention resources

In the past few months, we’ve highlighted multiple ways states and districts in our region are addressing teacher shortages. Discover how Pasco High—a high-poverty school in Eastern Washington—focuses on finding and keeping the right people. Explore trends and gaps in Idaho’s teacher workforce in our study and infographic. Learn how Portland Public Schools’ alternative licensure program is helping to build a strong, stable dual-language teacher workforce.

Ask A REL question of the month: Developmental math sequences

What does the research say regarding interventions to improve performance in developmental math sequences (specifically, pre-algebra and beginning algebra courses) in community colleges?

The REL Northwest Ask A REL librarian searched the research literature on this topic and compiled a list of recent, publicly available references and resources. Do you have an education-related research question? Contact Jennifer Klump for free, customized responses.

New resources from the Institute of Education Sciences

Brief offers evidence-based strategies to promote educator effectiveness 

Providing educators with performance feedback and offering pay-for-performance bonuses can improve student achievement. This and other findings are in a new brief synthesizing two recent impact studies that evaluated key strategies that can be funded through federal grants to promote educator effectiveness.

Report examines early career teachers’ preparation and support

A national study of early career teachers’ preparation and support finds that most new teachers reported being well prepared for a range of instructional duties in their first year of teaching. The majority also reported receiving support via communication with administrators, classes for beginning teachers, and common planning time with teachers in their subject area.

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