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March 29, 2018

Article Notice – Conventional Classroom Teaching through ICT And Distance Teaching: A Case Study From Greenland

In addition to the “Guest Editorial,” there was article in that special issue that focused on K-12 online learning in the Volume 13, Issue 1 of the Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy special issue on “online learning.”

Conventional classroom teaching through ICT and distance teaching: A case study from Greenland
avAnders Øgaard

Side: 9-23
DOI: 10.18261/issn.1891-943x-2018-01-02

Sammendrag: Conditions for schooling in Greenland are challenging in many ways. The staff of teachers in the country is very heterogeneous: some have teacher training, but many are without, and often work with limited resources. Distance teaching could be a tool to share teaching resources and raise the quality of teaching in the many small isolated communities and settlements.

This paper presents a case study on distance teaching in a school in Greenland. Data from work on Grounded Theory is used to investigate ways of utilizing distance teaching in the school. The analysis draws on a prevalent perspective on distance teaching as providing access to education. The perspective combines with Michel Foucault’s concept of “governmentality”.

I will show how progressive possibilities are not necessarily to be found in ICT-driven distance teaching. Pedagogical drivers operate behind the choices of ICT equipment and ICT solutions which, in this case, brings ICT under the command of a less progressive pedagogical agenda.

As I will show, the commitment from the municipality and from the teachers was to use distance teaching and ICT for conventional schooling. The case lays the ground for a discussion on the progressivity of distance teaching and the use of advanced ICT solutions in schools. My aim with the paper is to add to the understanding of the scope of distance teaching in schools. Does ICT and distance teaching serve progressive ends per se? What do we learn about distance teaching from this setup in the school in Greenland?

Keywords: Distance teaching, e-learning, online, ICT, K-12, settlements, Greenland, Michel Foucault

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