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Bias in Online Classes: Evidence from a Field Experiment While online learning environments are increasingly common, relatively little is known about issues of equity in these settings. We test for the presence of race and gender biases among postsecondary students and instructors in online classes by measuring student and instructor responses to discussion comments we […]

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The future of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is in the hands of the anonymous, grey non-descript mid-level professional manager

Much of the research into the implementation of TEL has centred on teaching approaches and the change (or not) in the role of the academic, which is reflective of the importance of the academic to what takes place in a Higher Education Institute (HEI). Technology enhanced learning (TEL), however, poses a considerable challenge to how […]

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The Moderating Effects of Group Work on the Relationship Between Motivation and Cognitive Load

Semi-formal learning is used to describe learning that is directed towards the goals of a formal learning institution but outside of the learning structure of a specific class. Students studying online may form semi-formal groups to increase their knowledge of the content by interacting with other learners taking the same class. This study of cyber […]

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A Sharing Mind Map-oriented Approach to Enhance Collaborative Mobile Learning With Digital Archiving Systems

With the advances in mobile network technology, the use of portable devices and mobile networks for learning is not limited by time and space. Such use, in combination with appropriate learning strategies, can achieve a better effect. Despite the effectiveness of mobile learning, students’ learning direction, progress, and achievement may differ. Thus, the enhancement of […]

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Video in the Middle: Purposeful Design of Video-Based Mathematics Professional Development

In this article the authors described their exploration of a particular design element they labeled “video in the middle.” As part of the video in the middle design, the viewing of carefully selected video clips from teachers’ classrooms is sandwiched between pre- and postviewing activities that are expected to support teachers’ engagement in and learning […]

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Why Professors Doubt Education Research

Lauren Herckis, an anthropologist at Carnegie Mellon University who has studied the culture of ancient Mayan cities, is turning her focus closer to home these days—exploring why professors try new teaching approaches, or decide not to. EdSurge

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The Learning Sciences: Two Perspectives

In recent years, there has been a lot more talk in Education about the science of learning. With developments in psychology and neuroscience, the thinking goes, we should be able to build a core body of knowledge on learning to inform how we teach and organise education. Efforts to synthesize this knowledge include the OECD […]

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Despite Department of Education Dispute, WGU Continues to Grow

Last September, Western Governors University was told that it may owe up to $712 million to the federal government. The fine was recommended after an auditor’s report concluded the school was offering what amount to “correspondence courses” rather than courses that meet all the specific criteria needed to qualify for financial aid eligibility under Title […]

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Change on the Horizon

As Washington & Lee University has found, there is no best approach for introducing virtual reality into your classrooms — just stages of faculty commitment. Campus Technology

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