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March 3, 2018

News Release – Mobile Learning Metrics Findings Published

Another item from Thursday’s inbox…

LINCOLN, Neb. – March 1, 2018

We wish to announce the premiere release of the findings from the Mobile Learning Metrics™ research project. The data from the study help to identify and measure trends toward the use of mobile technologies within the learning economy.

Positioned within The Journal of Mobile Teaching (ISSN 2164-6724), the study is the first authoritative source identifying the trends, opportunities and challenges in mobile teaching and learning. It collects data from the three important segments within the learning environment: education administrators, education facilitators (online and traditional classroom teachers) and, education consumers (students) and compares their attitudes, perceptions and preferences for mobile learning.

The thesis of the project is specific: the three different segments of the learning environment must interact successfully to achieve and sustain effective learner outcomes. It’s frame of reference is a pedagogical structure of concepts, values, customs, and strategies by means of which each segment perceives, evaluates, and communicates ideas differently.

Data Presentations

Findings from the research are presented in two featured formats:

BaseLine Abstracts

Findings from each individual segment of the study are presented in baseline abstracts that may be used in non-commercial publications or presentations. Separate, individual 2D jpegs of each data slide are also provided for re-use.

TrendLine Collaborations

This feature provides a forum for discussion and debate of the findings and the sharing of ideas on how the information may be strategically applied to different education environments and programs.

For more information visit

This email is an educational announcement regarding a privately funded research study and is provided as a public service. If you believe you have received this email in error you should notify the sender by return email that you no longer wish to receive the project announcements, then delete this message from your computer. We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may have caused.

We wish to express our appreciation to the numerous Departments of Education for assisting with this announcement by allowing us to use publicly available contacts.

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