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January 15, 2018

OpenCon18 K-12 Athabasca – a Virtual & Free Teacher PD Opportunity

On a slower holiday Monday.

OpenCon18 K-12 Athabasca
A virtual, free K-12 Open Educational Resources Teacher PD Offering
January 25, 2018
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. MST
Theme: “Building the K-12 OER Teacher Network
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Open Education Resource (OER) Novice or Champion – You are invited to attend the Open Con18 K-12 Athabasca – a virtual and free conference exploring Open Educational Resources for K-12.
As a satellite offering of the OpenCon17 held in Berlin, the OpenCon18 will mark a first for educators, within Alberta and beyond. Presentations will range from OER fundamentals to the current K-12 OER landscape – see the schedule for details.
Ending our virtual offering will be a unique dialogue – the “Berlin Remix”. A panel discussion has been organized so that the Open Con18 K-12 Athabasca discussants (and attendees – asked upon registration) to view in advance a 20 minute video clip. This recording was part of the Berlin OpenCon17 conference where an international panel explored the broad topic of Inclusive Education and how OER responds to diversity and inclusion needs within education.
For our panel, the discussants will address this Berlin discussion and will “remix” two questions of OER curriculum creation. Within an OER curricular resource, how can educators consider: Who is missing?and Whose knowledge is reliable?
OER holds opportunity for rethinking how resources are accessed and used by K-12 educators. Come and join the “Berlin Remix” Panel Discussion – and one, some or all of the offerings! We hope to nurture a K-12 OER teacher network – and this virtual conference marks the first step of this journey.


Registration is suggested but not required. Please let colleagues know about this opportunity. The K-12 OC will be recorded and archived on the BOLT Multi-author Blog.
A Virtual, Free K-12 Open Educational Resources Teacher PD Offering Date: January 25, 2018 Event URL: Hashtag for conference …


Constance Blomgren PhD
Assistant Professor
Centre for Distance Education
Athabasca University
Twitter: @DocBlom

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