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October 11, 2017

6 Hallmarks of Effective Online Instruction and More!

Also from yesterday’s inbox…

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SmartBrief on Edtech
Bring Choice, Flexibility, and Improved Outcomes to More Students
Implement Blended Learning for Success
Online instruction and learning are becoming ubiquitous. Dr. Bill Daggett and Ray McNulty of the Successful Practices Network stated, “It is no longer a case of offering web-based instruction or not, but rather a question of how you can maximize online tools in a blended approach. When online instructional programs are rooted in pedagogy—based on research about what works—and are implemented specifically to meet student needs, their capacity to benefit both students and teachers is broad and real.”

Download their recent white paper to learn:

  • The six hallmarks of effective online instruction
  • How to select online instruction programs for your students’ needs
  • The red flags of potentially subpar online instructional programs
  • How to create a culture to implement blended learning for success


Expand options for your students with a blended model. Contact us to speak to an education consultant today!
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