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August 11, 2017

Emerging Work on the New Paradigm of Instructional Theories (90) –

From one of my open scholarship networks.
Charles Reigeluth Charles Reigeluth
Bookmarked by Elizabeth Boling

Emerging Work on the New Paradigm of Instructional Theories (90)

Elaborates on the nature of the new paradigm of instructional theories (May-June 1996 issue) by summarizing 21 theories that are described in” Instructional-Design Theories and Models: A New Paradigm of Instructional Theory.” Divides theories into seven broad categories: understanding, problem-based learning, community of learners, high-order thinking skills, diversity of others, psychomotor domain, and affective domain.(AEF)

Richard West Richard West
Bookmarked by Thomas C. Reeves

Educational Technology Research and Development, 2001-2010

Richard West Richard West
Bookmarked by Albert Ritzhaupt

Computers and Education, 2002-2011

In this study, the authors examined the journal Computers & Education to discover research trends in the articles published during 2002-2011 . Research articles were analyzed to determine trends in the research methods and types of articles published, as we ll as the key topics published , top authors, and some of the most-cited publications. To identify these trends, the authors classified articles according to the ir types (including the methodologies employed), author-provided keywords , authorship frequ encies, and citation counts for top articles via the Publish or Perish software.

Jo  Tondeur Jo Tondeur
Bookmarked by Lisa Durff

Classroom biographies: Teaching and learning in evolving material landscapes (c. 1960-2015)

Despite growing interest in redesigning the material landscape of education, relatively little is known about the impact of these evolving classrooms. The current study aimed to gain insight into the physical learning environment and the potential pedagogical impacts thereof. A ‘biographical approach’ (c.1963-2015), was used to explore the long-term socio-material landscapes where teachers and pupils, classroom materiality and spatiality, and teaching practices are entangled. Stimulated recall interviews were conducted in Flanders (Belgium) with primary school teachers. Teacher-generated…

Randall Davies Randall Davies
Bookmarked by Stephen Baker

The Adolescent Community of Engagement Framework: A Lens for Research on K-12 Online Learning

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