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August 7, 2017

Your Latest Readership Report from Touro Scholar, DigitalCommons@SHU, and NSUWorks

From one of my open scholarship networks late last week.

From: Touro Scholar, DigitalCommons@SHU, and NSUWorks
Dear Author,
You had 478 new downloads in July 2017 across your 138 papers in Touro Scholar, DigitalCommons@SHU, and NSUWorks. Your current readership:
24742 Total Downloads
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Message from bepress icon   Digital Commons Tip
Make lab protocols easily accessible online
The Singh Center for Nanotechnology at The University of Pennsylvania used their campus repository’s publication services to make their lab’s standard operating procedures publicly available, including video tutorials, lab protocols, and tool data. Faculty and staff running the lab saved valuable time by making it simple for visiting scholars and students to correctly use the lab’s specialized equipment. Ask your librarian how you can do the same.
Optional image that my accompany the monthly author readership message from bepress
These monthly reports are provided to you by bepress on behalf of Touro Scholar, DigitalCommons@SHU, and NSUWorks. For questions, comments, or to add more content and increase your readership and visibility as an author, please contact your repository administrator:

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