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August 4, 2017

USDLA Newsletter 2017 (08-01-2017)

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Online Harassment 2017 Roughly four-in-ten Americans have personally experienced online harassment, and 62% consider it a major problem. Many want technology firms to do more, but they are divided on how to balance free speech and safety issues online. Pew Research Center

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A Critique and Defense of Gamification

Gamification has received increased attention in education in recent years, and is seen as a way to improve student engagement, motivation, attendance, and academic performance. While empirical studies on gamification in higher education are showing modest gains in some areas, this data can be difficult to interpret because of the many ways that gamification can […]

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Communication and Security Issues in Online Education: Student Self-Disclosure in Course Introductions

In designing online and hybrid courses, instructors should consider structure, student motivation, and interaction (per Moore’s 1993 Theory of Transactional Distance). To motivate students to interact and to build course community, instructors may assign student introductions. However, after examining students introductions in a hybrid content-design course and an online design course, we noted that students […]

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Misuse or misdesign? Yik Yak on college campuses and the moral dimensions of technology design

( note: Yik Yak stopped its operation in the Spring of 2017). Yik Yak, a location-based, anonymous social media app, has been gaining negative attention as a platform that often gives voice to bullying, racism and sexism on college campuses across the country. Integrating research on digital anonymity and cyberbullying, this paper analyzes the key […]

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Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspective

Mobile learning is a relatively new phenomenon and the theoretical basis is currently under development. The paper presents a pedagogical perspective of mobile learning which highlights three central features of mobile learning: authenticity, collaboration and personalisation, embedded in the unique time-space contexts of mobile learning. A pedagogical framework was developed and tested through activities in […]

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New Georgia Tech Research May Help Combat Abusive Online Comments

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Interactive Computing have come up with a novel computational approach that could provide a more cost- and resource-effective way for internet communities to moderate abusive content. Georgia Tech

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Social-Media Messages Are Becoming More Complex, and Nobody Knows Why

Sociologists have long puzzled over why IQ scores have risen dramatically. Now the complexity of social messages is increasing, too. MIT Technology Review

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New York City’s Largest Community College Spends Big on OER

The Borough of Manhattan Community College is encouraging faculty innovation and student access to open educational resources with the help of a $4 million state investment. Converge Magazine

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College finds unlikely key to AI success

Carnegie Mellon University has announced an initiative to bring together its research and education related to artificial intelligence (AI). eCampus News

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