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July 29, 2017

Virtual Schooling In The News

InTheNewsBeginning with the Connected Educator SmartBrief.

Colo. releases guide to boost blended learning

More Colorado schools could introduce blended learning following guidance released by the state-supported organization Colorado Empowered Learning. Rural areas are among the intended beneficiaries.
Chalkbeat/Colorado (7/24)

How colleges can better serve online students

Interaction with instructors and classmates is a priority for more than half of prospective, current and recently graduated students taking classes exclusively online, according to a survey. Researchers recommend schools provide quick responses to students and find ways to better integrate mobile technology.
eCampus News (free registration) (7/21)

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

Number of school choice participants increases again in Worcester

Fellow committee member Brian O’Connell, meanwhile, wondered whether the district should explore offering its own virtual school program, after …

Belchertown’s Meghan Bernard to play tennis at UMass

Connections is a public virtual school, allowing her to structure her day around becoming a better tennis player as she spent hours everyday at the …

Around San Ramon: Teen on Hong Kong figure skating team, UCLA-bound

Chau admits she was worried about missing friends and classmates and talking to teachers when she opted for the virtual school, but she had many …

“It Gave Us a Choice When We Didn’t Have One”: Private School Choice Participants Flood Capitol …

… Sam’s needs, so Myers, with the help of a special education teacher from the virtual school Sam attended, started one and ran it until last month.

Charter, virtual schools could expand statewide under Senate GOP budget

The number of independent charter and private virtual schools in Wisconsin could expand under the new state budget put forward by Senate …

Changes made to DCS virtual school program benefit students

DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) Dothan City School’s offered students access to virtual school for the first time last year. Now it’s making changes to hopefully …

Researchers Push Back As Betsy DeVos, ALEC Advance Virtual School Expansion

The expansion of virtual schools has been one of the group’s primary goals for education. Their work has already been picked up at the state level: …

Online education programs offer virtual school alternatives

“Virtual school is the wave of the future,” Limestone County Executive Director of HR and Operations Tommy Hunter said. “This is for students who …

Number of school choice participants increases again in Worcester

Another 61 students were enrolled in the state’s two public virtual schools, the Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield and the TEC Connections …

Hundreds of Missouri students flock to rural school district’s free online summer school

All the students are taking the classes tuition-free, thanks to state funding that has helped the district beef up its summer virtual class offerings.

5 Things You Can Do Now to Get Your Kids Ready for School

Laura Shearer, School Counselor at PA Virtual Charter School, provided us with some tips so you can hit the ground running once the school year …

Around San Ramon: Teen on Hong Kong figure skating team, UCLA-bound

She instead opted to balance her academic studies with perfecting her axel jumps by attending a virtual high school, California Connections Academy …

Editorial: Francis Marion woes demand major changes

That led to the discovery that the students had earned multiple credits for classes called Research I and Research II through Florida Virtual School, …

Charter school commission wants budget details from group focused on inmates

The Athens system has served jailed students through its virtual school, but Holladay said that’s not going to be able to continue because educators …

Results of Parent Survey Show Why K-12 Students Attend Full Time Online School

ORCA is the state’s leading tuition-free virtual school which served over 4,000 students in grades K-12 across Oregon last school year. The annual …

LPS will consider what next high school should look like

Maybe the next high school should be a virtual school, or the district should explore more online education. They could expand focus programs, …

Learn details of the Global virtual schools market report for 2017

… online, or online homework systems, but a fully online school (virtual school or cyber-school) teaches entirely or primarily through online methods.

Parents weigh in over school catchment plan

… moved from the school to a more central location to ensure that all residencies would be within a 0.6 mile radius of the nearest Virtual School Point.

Your guide to the 2017-2018 Henry County school year

… elementary schools from 5-7 p.m. The open house event for Impact Academy, Henry County’s virtual school, is Wednesday, July 26 from 2-7:30 p.m..

Enrollment Open for Students Worldwide at International Connections Academy

Virtual school appeals to all types of students, and families are choosing online learning for a variety of reasons. According to the 2017 Parent …

District wrestles with math teacher shortage

“I feel like it’s better to go to Florida Virtual School than the effect of hiring a long-term substitute,” Moses told the school board at its workshop Monday …

Banco Bradesco 1S17 Results

Fundaçao also expects to benefit 630 thousand students via distance learning (EaD), through its e- Learning portal “Escola Virtual” (Virtual School), …

Research details developments in the virtual schools market

A virtual school operates on an online learning platform and offers courses pertaining to various fields entirely through digital methodologies.

Former Frederick High student earns second chance with summer graduation

Anderson, a graduate of the Frederick County Public Schools Virtual School, saw graduating, as nontraditional as the path may have been, as an …

Council gives £270k of free money back to government after failing to spend it on vulnerable children

The virtual school is a service which monitors children in care and provides extra academic or emotional support services to pupils who need it.

Florida Schools to See Slight Bump in Enrollment

… million next fall, an increase of 26,764 full-time students in the 67 school districts and the Florida Virtual School, according to Thursday’s forecast.

Borough’s first children in care awards showcased ‘incredible achievements’

Event organiser Anita Stewart, assistant head of Havering Virtual School and co-hosts care leavers Olivia Freeman and Daniel Ajiboye. Picture: Mark …

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

Scranton launches cyber academy

When a student goes to a cyber school, the district pays between $10,000 and $20,000. “Going our route gives you an Old Forge diploma,” Rushefski …

The UK government’s £20million Cyber School Programme

The UK government is to a launch a £20million Cyber School Programme, with the aim to train 6,000 14-18 year olds by 2021.

Scranton launches cyber academy

The Scranton School District Cyber Academy will allow students to earn a … School officials started contacting families of 210 cyber charter school …

The UK government’s £20million Cyber School Programme

The UK government is to a launch a £20million Cyber School Programme, with the aim to train 6,000 14-18 year olds by 2021.

Pa. lawmakers caving on cyber charter reform | Guest column

Easily the worst part of the Pennsylvania charter school embarrassment has to do with cyber charter schools, which have shown deplorable results in …

Senators protect charter schools at expense of local districts

In Franklin County, taxpayers spend more than $6.6 million on cyber charter school tuition bills every year. Under PA law, school districts (i.e., local …

Cyber charter expands presence in Western PA

Nancy Wagner, who previously worked for ten years with Agora Cyber Charter School as a teacher, administrator and truancy prevention coordinator, …

Learn details of the Global virtual schools market report for 2017

… online, or online homework systems, but a fully online school (virtual school or cyber-school) teaches entirely or primarily through online methods.

More kids are logging on to learn at cyber schools

Jakob Pandolph, 9, attends the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, one of the largest online public schools in the country. – Amy Scott/Marketplace.


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