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July 27, 2017

Vendor Request

I received this from K12, Inc. themselves in the past day or two.

Visit the link below to submit your profile to the Vendors directory of K12 Academics and receive +6 months for an 18 month listing period, as part of our July Special. If you want to reach all three million unique visitors to our site yearly we also offer sitewide banner options. Banner information is available at the bottom of this email.

Important Reminder- We have been #1 on Google for ‘School Vendors’ since 2010 and Network to 100% of the Education Sector- Schools, Districts, Colleges, Universities, Museums, Libraries, Camps and their Purchasing Managers, Directors, Principals, Presidents and Superintendents. We should be your first option for advertising.

Profile Listing: One Year Listing- In State Listing- $199; Regional Listing (2-16 states) $299; Nationwide Listing- $499

Businesspersons Special: Submit your listing to receive +6 months for an (18) month listing period. Special ends 7/31/17.

Click here to Create your Profile: 
Click here to view an example profile listing-
Click here to visit the School Vendors Directory:
Click here to view our Network of Directories for Educational Businesses: 
Click here to view our Impressive Website Traffic:
Click here for an example of what your Profile may look like:

Judge our website not by a sales pitch but by the amount of years we have been in business (12 years), our extensive clientele list (over 10,000 clients), our rich amount of content (Over 250,000 resource pages), our largest of the internet national and international directories (Over 150) and our sheer amount of traffic (Millions of Visitors per year). We are listed on over 75,000 websites, we appear weekly in more than a dozen newspapers nationwide and are resourced in hundreds of journals, books and textbooks. Our primary goal is to promote education and maintain longstanding relationships.

1- We can guarantee an average of 5,000-10,000 visits to your listing.
2- We can guarantee your profile will be shared on social media by users- Facebook, Twitter, etc.
3- We can guarantee your search engine results will rise on Google, Yahoo, etc.
4- We can guarantee to reach your demographics
5- We can guarantee to target your geographical region.

1- Traffic: In 2017 we will traffic 3.3 million unique visitors, 18 million unique pageviews and 45 million hits.
2- Social Media: We have over 40,000 followers. Social media Klout Score 62-65 at the top .01% on the internet.
3- Search Engine Ranking: We are a PR7 ranking with Google.
4- Resourced: Weekly our website is mentioned in over a dozen newspapers nationwide and source in hundreds of journals, textbooks and books.
5- Demographics: We cover every major and minor demographic in education.
6- Geographics: We pull traffic from every township, county and city in the U.S. Our expanding worldwide focus brings over 180 countries per month.
7- Recognition: We are a recommend resource on over 75,000 websites including US Department of Education, Library of Congress and numerous state/government websites.

What is K12 Academics:
K12 Academics has been online since 2004. Our website is an established brand name in education. We are mentioned in over a dozen newspapers weekly nationwide and are sourced in hundreds of Journals, Textbooks and Books. Our website has over 150 national & international directories and covers every township, county and city in the U.S. In 2017 we have begun to expand worldwide covering education in all 196 countries. We also have over 250,000 pages of resource information covering every major and minor topic in education. No matter what you are looking for, I guarantee you will find it here.

Banner Advertising: Choose one of the five yearly options to receive +6 months for an 18 month banner. Special ends 7/31/17.
– 100% ROI. All banners on our site renew.
– Banners see between 6-12 million impressions per year. Low CPM.
– Banner appears at any time on every page of our website. Over 450,000+ pages.
– Gives you prime real estate on our site and competitive advantage over some 10,000 paying clients in over 150 national and international directories
– Clients include: Bricks 4 Kidz, K12 Inc, Hatch Early Learning Experts, Lindamood-Bell Learning, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nysmith School for the Gifted, Children’s Educational Services, Performance Academies, National Association of Private Special Education Centers, Southern Technical College, Center Academy Schools, Camp Invention, Monster Lamps, Time 4 Learning, The Experiment in International Living, The Simple Stencil, Game Camp Nation, Name Dropper Stamp, Mobile Ed Productions

If interested email or visit the link below

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This message was sent by K12 Academics | PO Box 175 | Ambler, PA 19002

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