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July 13, 2017

New Issue of Online Learning Journal Published

No specific K-12 distance, online and/or blended learning items in this issue.  But there are several interesting articles in this open access journal.

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New Issue of Online Learning Journal Published
Dear Michael,
We are pleased to present the most recent issue of the Online LearningJournal. In this issue of Online Learning we present 9 articles researching administrative and leadership perspectives, blended learning, faculty issues, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), student issues, pedagogy, and support. These papers advance our understanding of online learning with insights from both national and international investigators using quantitative and qualitative approaches to inquiry. We invite you to read, share, and cite the high-quality papers in this issue and help us to continue to enhance the research and practice of online learning.

Best regards,
pshea-circle.png Dr. Peter Shea
Online Learning Journal (OLJ)
The Online Learning Consortium
Associate Provost & Associate Professor
University at Albany
State University of New York
Volume 21.2 Table of Contents

Introduction to Online Learning issue 21:2
Peter J. Shea

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Research
Open, Online, and Blended: Transactional Interactions with MOOC Content by Learners in Three Different Course Formats 
Jeffrey P. Emanuel, Anne Lamb
Adult MOOC Learners as Self-Directed: Perceptions of Motivation, Success, and Completion 
Jamie Loizzo, Peggy A. Ertmer, William R. Watson, Sunnie Lee Watson

Administrative Perspectives
A National Study of Online Learning Leaders in US Higher Education
Eric E. Fredericksen

Faculty Issues
Challenging Teachers’ Pedagogic Practice and Assumptions about Social Media
Helen C. Cartner, Julia L. Hallas
Building Community in Online Doctoral Classrooms: Instructor Practices that Support Community
Sharla Berry

Student Issues, Pedagogy, Tools, and Support
Exploring Digital Badges in University Courses: Relationships between Quantity, Engagement, and Performance
Joseph R Fanfarelli, Rudy McDaniel
An Investigation into Cooperative Learning in a Virtual World using Problem-Based Learning
Vanessa Parson, Simon Bignell
Promoting College Student Self-Regulation in Online Learning Environments
Jacob Wandler, William John Imbriale
Evaluation Instruments and Good Practices in Online Education
Sally Baldwin, Jesus H. Trespalacios

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