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July 10, 2017

EDTECH537 – Links Entry: Schooled Articles

Earlier this morning, in my Week 3 entry, I indicated that today I would post a links entry to model for my EDTECH597 students.

Last month, I noticed that Schooled – which is a project that Slate magazine has with Columbia Journalism School’s Teacher Project had posted a bunch of articles related to K-12 online learning (see ).

The New Diploma Mills

  • an article that examines the use of online credit recovery to increase graduation rates, with a focus on Florida

Fast. Isolating. Superficial.

  • an article that looks at what the student experience is like in an online class, with the focus on a student from Virginia and Illinois

I Am an Online Credit Recovery Dropout

  • an article where the author enrolls in an online course and reports on his experience

Take These Students, Please

  • an article that examines the use of online learning as an alternative education program

Bottom of the Class

  • an article examining the quality of specific providers of online credit recovery

Online Education Doesn’t Have to Be Isolating

  • an article that focuses specifically on an online learning program in New York that the author claims to be a good program

Why Bad Online Courses Are Still Taught in Schools

  • an article examining the nature of regulation of online learning throughout the United States

Just Take It Again

  • an article that examines how online credit recovery courses are designed to have students pass the course/exam,
    but not learn anything

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