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July 7, 2017

Parental Involvement In K-12 Online And Blended Learning –

From one of my open scholarship networks.
Jered Borup Jered Borup
George Mason UniversityInstructional Technology, Faculty Member

Parental Involvement in K-12 Online and Blended Learning

Jo  Tondeur Jo Tondeur
Bookmarked by Kerry Rice

Developing a validated instrument to measure pre-service teachers’ ICT competencies: Meeting the demands of the 21st-century

The main objective of this study is to develop a self-report instrument to measure pre-service teachers’ ICT competencies in education. The questionnaire items of this instrument are based on an existing comprehensive framework and were created with input from experts in the field. The data were collected from a sample of 931 final-year pre-service teachers in Flanders (Belgium). A first subsample was used for an exploratory factor analysis, and a second one to verify the identified factor structure via confirmatory factor analysis. A two-factor structure of ICT competencies was identified:…

IJCSMC  Journal IJCSMC Journal
Bookmarked by Kerry Rice

Popular Decision Tree Algorithms of Data Mining Techniques: A Review

The technologies of data production and collection have been advanced rapidly. As result to that, everything gets automatically: data storage and accumulation. Data mining is the tool to predict the unobserved useful information from that huge amount of data. Otherwise, we have a rich data but poor information and this information may be incorrect. In this paper, review of data mining has been presented, where this review show the data mining techniques and focuses on the popular decision tree algorithms (C4.5 and ID3) with their learning tools. Different datasets have been experimented to…

Martin  Ebner Martin Ebner
Bookmarked by Patrick Lowenthal

On Using Interactivity to Monitor the Attendance of Students at Learning-Videos

Many studies are claiming that compulsory attendance has its benefits for students because it is positively influencing their performance in consequence. This means that fully attending students are receiving a better grade than those who skip parts of the course. Whereas there are existing technologies to monitor the attendance of students in standard classroom situations the possibilities to provide such functionalities at online videos are limited. Because of that this work introduces an approach to assess the performance of students at videos. For that a web-platform which offers a…

Tiziano Bonini Tiziano Bonini
Bookmarked by Kerry Rice

Twitter or Radio Revolutions? The Central Role of Açık Radyo in the Gezi Protests of 2013

Radio has been employed as a communication tool during all the social movements and protests of the last decades of the past century, from the student movements of May 1968 in Paris and Mexico City to the 1999 Seattle WTO protests, while the political protests and uprisings at the beginning of the twenty-first century have mostly been supported by social media (Howard and Hussain, 2013). Is Twitter the radio of the twenty-first century? Another, more complex, reality lies beyond the surface of the representation of the protests shaped by the mainstream media: the mediascape in which…

Suzan Koseoglu Suzan Koseoglu
Bookmarked by Patrick Lowenthal

Hybrid Presence in Networked Learning: A Shifting and Evolving Construct

The proliferation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is no doubt one of the most talked about and debated educational phenomena of this past decade (e.g., Friedman, 2012; Hyman, 2012; Yuan & Powell, 2013), and it is at the core of many of these discussions where we situate our argument. The hype surrounding MOOCs pushes educators to think critically about the purposes and structures of traditional education, both residential and online; structures which some types of MOOC of this time period are replicating. In addition, open online courses are remarkably easy to access, providing a…

Marcos  Román-González Marcos Román-González
Bookmarked by Peter Rich

Programar para aprender en Educación Primaria y Secundaria: ¿qué indica la evidencia empírica sobre este enfoque?

Resumen: En los últimos años varios países europeos han introducido la programación informática y el pensamiento computacional en el currículum de Educación Primaria y Secundaria. En España asistimos, a su vez, a un debate sobre la necesidad de su inclusión y el enfoque a seguir para su puesta en práctica. Básicamente se pueden identificar dos aproximaciones: mientras algunas naciones han creado una asignatura específica centrada en el desarrollo de habilidades informáticas, otras han optado por usar estas habilidades como un instrumento para el aprendizaje de otras asignaturas. Estas…

Lindsay Clare Matsumura
Bookmarked by Vicky Zygouris-Coe

Literacy Coaching to Improve Reading Achievement: A Multi-Level Mediation Model

In a longitudinal group-randomized trial, we explore the key role of the quality of classroom text discussions in mediating the effects of Content-Focused Coaching (CFC) on student reading achievement (2983 students, 167 teachers). Schools in the United States serving large numbers of minority and English language learning (ELL) students from low-income families were randomly assigned to participate in the CFC literacy-coaching program or to continue with the literacy coaching that was standard practice for the district. The findings identified a positive effect of the CFC program on…

Kathryn Sutherland Kathryn Sutherland
Bookmarked by Vicky Zygouris-Coe

Hopwood, N. & Sutherland, K.A. (2009). Relationships and agency in doctoral and early career academic experience. Research and Development in Higher Education, Volume 32

Randall Davies Randall Davies
Brigham Young UniversityInstructional Psychology & Technology, Faculty Member

The Nature of Parental Interactions in an Online Charter School

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