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July 5, 2017

Preserve the Internet for Our Students – We Need Your Voice

An important issue that showed up in my inbox on Monday.


CUE Members, we need your voice.

Send your comments to the FCC and protect net neutrality!

In September 2015 the FCC established an Open Internet Order and voted to protect net neutrality, the principle that what you read, see, or watch online shouldn’t be favored, blocked, or slowed down based on where the content is originating. Education technology advocates and library organizations have voiced concerns that if the FCC did not act to protect net neutrality, cable companies and ISPs would be in a position to established tiered Internet services.

Recently appointed FCC chair Ajit Pai plans to reverse the net neutrality regulations put in place during the Obama administration. On May 23, 2017 the FCC released those new proposed rules, known as “Restoring Internet Freedom.” The public has untilAugust 16, 2017 to comment on the proposed rulemaking.

How will repealing net neutrality rules impact education?

  • Higher rates for fast streaming services and other rich media, will mean that students living in poverty (and underfunded schools) will pay more for accessing online instruction.
  • Content developers will have less incentive to create and deliver rich media because the cost to deliver that content online will likely increase.
  • Rolling back net neutrality would allow network operators to prioritize traffic and charge varying fees depending on where you want to go and what you want to do online.

We hope that you will join CUE’s Legislative Advocacy Committee in opposing the new rules. Make your voice heard by clicking below.


News from Sacramento
California’s joint resolution will support net neutrality, LifeLine, and E-Rate  

CUE Legislative and Policy Consultant, John Cradler proposed a resolution to be potentially adopted by the California Legislature that will ask the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US Congress, and the President, to support the already FCC-approved implementation of net neutrality, continue broadband-enhanced Lifeline, and sustain the established funding model for E-Rate. Assembly Member and Speaker Pro-Tem Kevin Mullin is the author of the resolution, now known as Assembly Joint Resolution 7 (AJR 7). Mullin’s staff is working closely with CUE on its development and processing through the State Assembly and Senate. Mullin believes that AJR 7 is very important since President Trump, with the current Republican-dominated FCC, intends to cut and/or repeal these programs.

If you are interested in testifying in support of AJR 7 on July 10 in Sacramento, please contact John Cradler.

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