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June 21, 2017

Create A Self-Study To Identify Quality And Improve Your Online Programs

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Dear Michael,

Dr. Kaye Shelton has been an integral part of the development of the OLC Quality Scorecard Suite, most recently as a researcher for the Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice Scorecard (QCTIP).

“OLC developed a tool that allows institutions to create a self-study around their online program, using data, artifacts and narrative text to demonstrate their compliance with the quality indicators of the Scorecard,” Shelton states. “It is very rewarding for me to start the conversation on a campus about how to identify indicators of success and where programs need improvement.”


In her blog post, Dr. Kaye Shelton, Institute faculty for the OLC Quality Scorecard Mastery Series, discusses her latest research for the OLC Quality Scorecard Suite as well as a variety of other topics.

Read more about Dr. Shelton’s research and learn about the benefits of using the OLC Quality Scorecard to evaluate your institution’s online programs. Intrigued? Join Kaye in the upcoming Quality Scorecard Mastery Series which starts August 23rd.

Best Regards,


Jennifer Rafferty | Director of the OLC Institute for Professional Development | Online Learning Consortium | 617-716-1414 |

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The Online Learning Consortium | P.O. Box 1238 | Newburyport | MA | 01950

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