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June 12, 2017

Roles And Responsibilities Of Parents Of Online School Students With Disabilities –

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Mary F Rice Mary F Rice
Bookmarked by Lisa Hasler-Waters

Roles and Responsibilities of Parents of Online School Students with Disabilities

When a child changes enrollment from a brick-and-mortar setting to a fully online one, the educational experience is quite different for the child and his or her parents/guardians. Among the most important differences involves the parent’s role in instructional activities. As part of the transition to online education from traditional settings, parents must determine what having their child complete coursework at home or another non-school location means for their parental roles and responsibilities. This situation is especially true considering the potentially conflicting messages parents…

Scott  Schaffer Scott Schaffer
Purdue UniversityBrian Lamb School of Communication, Adjunct

Supporting Technology Integration Across the Teacher Education System

Danielle  Boulden Danielle Boulden
North Carolina State UniversityTeacher Education and Learning Sciences, Graduate Student

Implementing Digital Tools to Support Student Questioning Abilities: A Collaborative Action Research Report

This collaborative action research project was conducted in a second-grade classroom to determine the impact that digital web-based tools would have in helping a school media coordinator scaffold her students’ understanding of productive versus nonproductive questions. The digital tools Kahoot, Quizizz, and Socrative were used by the students to help them recognize the difference between productive and nonproductive questions, as well as support them in the ability to generate their own productive questions. While results related to student learning outcomes showed minimal increases, the…

Allan Collins Allan Collins
Bookmarked by Patrick Lowenthal

Design Issues for Learning Environments

In designing any learning environment, there are a number of tradeoffs that a designer should consider. The paper discusses a large number of these tradeoffs and the issues that should be considered in making design decisions with respect to each tradeoff. The framework developed is directed toward developing a new kind of instructional design theory for constructivist learning environments.

Matt Grimes Matt Grimes
Bookmarked by Patrick Williams

FROM PROTEST TO RESISTANCE: British anarcho -punk ‘zines (1980-1984) as sites of resistance and symbols of defiance

This chapter focuses on the role that alternative publications played in the cultural, political and ideological practices of the British anarcho-punk movement between 1980 and 1984. I explore the way these ‘zines disseminated the central ideas of anarcho-punk and the way that the editors mediated a shifting notion of anarcho-punk. In doing so I seek to move beyond the simpler notion that ‘zines acted simply as channels of communication, but to the idea that discourses of resistance and defiance are constructed and reinforced through the embodiment and undertaking of ideological work of…

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