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June 12, 2017

Kayaking For A Cause

While not specific to K-12 distance, online, and/or blended learning, but something from an individual within our community and something for a great cause.

Hi –

For 8 days starting this Friday, it will be tough to get in touch with me. That’s because I’ll be spending my days in a kayak, exploring the northeast coast of Newfoundland.  No, I’m not having a mid-life crisis.  I’m joining an expedition, organized by True Patriot Love, that aims to raise awareness — and money — for injured Veterans.

The trip brings together a group of civilians and veterans making the transition to civilian life.  It gives us a chance to learn from each other in an environment where we will absolutely need to rely on one other, especially with heavier than normal ice conditions.

All of us on the trip aim to share our experiences with our networks to build awareness for the Veterans’ issues, as well as raise funds to help.  I’ve shared a bit more detail about why I’m participating in a post via LinkedIn that you can share on your networks to help increase awareness.

The veterans on our expedition are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The funds raised will enable these individuals to go on the mission and to fund programs to help with their recovery and for many others.

Collectively, three teams in this year’s expeditions across the country aim to raise $2 million to fund mental health and veterans transition programs.  I aim to raise $50,000 and will personally match funds donated.

I know you get many requests for support, but I would very much appreciate your help in this important cause. Here is the link to my fundraising page (tax receipts will be issued):

The folks that serve our countries deserve our support and respect as they make the sometimes difficult journey back to civilian life.  It’s a cause I believe in and one I’m proud to share with you.

Any help you’re able to provide would be greatly appreciated!


John Baker
President & CEO
D2L Corporation
519-772-0325 x3407

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