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June 8, 2017

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IVGA CalendarLearning Alternatives

Virtual Schools offer Learning Alternatives for those families that find a traditional school to be unforgiving. Some families find the less structured vacation schedule works better for their lifestyle while others like having their kids learn in a familiar and safe environment that doesn?t have many negative outside influences. Whatever the reason, Indiana Virtual is proud to accept kids that are ready to learn. Contact us today and discover the impressive class options, the helpful staff and the exciting opportunities and await.

INVS Email Newsletter“13 Reasons Why”

Almost every day a new story about bullying comes across our news feed or is played out on a major news outlet. This topic has become even more tantalizing after a favorite book, ?13 Reasons Why? became a Netflix series. With teen favorite Selena Gomez as Executive Producer, there is little wonder why it has become such a hit. While this book and series have given parents a platform to start a discussion about bullying and teen suicide, it doesn?t simply give an easy answer as to how to stop it. Virtual Schooling has become a solution to many young adults that struggle with high school situations and have gotten out of hand. Learning at home or in an environment set up by the student, allows kids to reach their potential without having to deal with some of the classic bullying situations. Reach out to us at and realize your future.

IVGA CalendarSummertime

Summer Break is here for many brick and mortar schools, but at Indiana Virtual School, class is still in session. Online education is the best because days off aren?t so long that you forget the important stuff. Instead of having to learn on a specific calendar, you can learn on your own timeframe, and take a break when you actually need one. Have a great Summer everyone!!

Your time ~ Your place ~ Your path ~ Your pace

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