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June 5, 2017

Roles And Responsibilities Of Parents Of Online School Students With… –

Also from the inbox last week.  Note several K-12 distance, online, and/or blended learning items listed here.
Mary F Rice Mary F Rice
University of New MexicoCollege of Education – Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies, Faculty Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Parents of Online School Students with Disabilities Roles and Responsibilities of Parents of Online School Students with Disabilities

When a child changes enrollment from a brick-and-mortar setting to a fully online one, the educational experience is quite different for the child and his or her parents/guardians. Among the most important differences involves the parent’s role in instructional activities. As part of the transition to online education from traditional settings, parents must determine what having their child complete coursework at home or another non-school location means for their parental roles and responsibilities. This situation is especially true considering the potentially conflicting messages parents…

Danielle  Boulden Danielle Boulden
North Carolina State UniversityTeacher Education and Learning Sciences, Graduate Student

Teaching an Online Graduate Multimedia Design Course Using Studio-Based Pedagogy

This design narrative describes the iterative process of redesigning a multimedia design and applications graduate course from a face-to-face to an online distance education format, attempting to replicate critical elements of studio-based pedagogy in a primarily asynchronous environment. The authors document their experiences from the initial planning phase of the course design process throughout the facilitation stages of teaching and learning during the duration of the sixteen-week course. Using a variety of data sources, including instructor observations, reflections, and journals, as…

Jose  Alamillo Jose Alamillo
Bookmarked by Julia Parra

Beyond the Latino Sports Hero: The Role of Sports in Creating Communities, Networks, and Identities

David Carmichael
Bookmarked by Tim Holt

Sacred Sites, Sacred Places

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