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May 15, 2017

Cathy Cavanaugh uploaded “Barriers to Online Education in a Developing Country: The Case of Nepal. In Clark, T. & Barbour, M., Eds., Online and Distance Education in Schools: Global Perspectives on Policy and Practice. Stylus.” and 7 other papers

Many of these open access items are K-12 distance, online, and blended learning related.

Hi Michael,

Cathy Cavanaugh uploaded papers on

Barriers to Online Education in a Developing Country: The Case of Nepal. In Clark, T. & Barbour, M., Eds., Online and Distance Education in Schools: Global Perspectives on Policy and Practice. Stylus.

by Cathy Cavanaugh

In many nations, e-learning for elementary and secondary students is seen as a solution to several educational problems, including crowded schools, shortages of secondary courses needed by remedial or accelerated students, lack of access to qualified teachers in a local school, and students who n…

Mobile Learning Transformation in a National Higher Education System

by Cathy Cavanaugh

This education transformation research synthesis focuses on the year encompassing planning and initial implementation of a mobile learning ecosystem throughout a country’s higher education system, examined through the lens of organizational congruence as the theory underpinning digital transforma…

Blended Education for Elementary and Secondary Students

by Cathy Cavanaugh

Every teacher constructs a unique learning environment for students. Cathy Cavanaugh explores how today’s teachers are successfully blending physical and virtual spaces in ways never before possible.

Research into K-12 Online & Blended Learning

by Cathy Cavanaugh

To truly understand K-12 online and blended learning research, you have to dig deeper into the components that make up K-12 online and blended learning. In other words, there are so many variations in design, instruction, facilitation, purpose, and content, no single study will answer everything …

K-12 Mobile Learning

by Cathy Cavanaugh

Mobile devices have been the focus of a push in many nations and internationally as part of efforts to achieve greater literacy and numeracy among students. Research has shown a strong link between Internet usage, the spread of broadband in a country, and its GDP. Those countries that are the hig…

Participation in the Virtual Environment of Blended College Courses: An Activity Study of Student Performance

by Cathy Cavanaugh

This paper describes a study of success factors in the introductory semester of liberal studies blended courses offered at the Bachelor of Science level. The influence of student participation in the online course environment was examined, as measured by the number of times students logged into t…

A Call to Action for Research in Digital Learning: Learning Without Limits of Time, Place, Path, Pace…or Evidence

by Cathy Cavanaugh

This essay is a call for rethinking our approach to research in digital learning. It plots a path founded in social trends and advances in education. A brief review of these trends and advances is followed by discussion of what flattened research might look like at scale. Scaling research in digi…

KILIMANJARO: ADVENTURE AND SERVICE LEARNING ABROAD Kilimanjaro: A Case of Meaningful Adventure and Service Learning Abroad

by Cathy Cavanaugh

This qualitative evaluation explored how female undergraduate students developed an understanding of themselves and the broader world as a result of an adventure and service learning experience in Tanzania, Africa. The project built upon theoretical frameworks regarding meaningful learning—active…

The Team

P.S. A study recently published in PLOS ONE found that papers uploaded to receive a 69% boost in citations over 5 years. See the study and data here., 251 Kearny St., Suite 520, San Francisco, CA, 94108

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