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May 10, 2017

Discipline Guides And New Research On EWS And EL Students, Growth Mindset, And More

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Latest news and research from REL Northwest
REL Northwest

Using data to reduce racial disproportionality in school discipline

A new guide developed by REL Northwest and practitioners in Oregon helps educators use data to make school improvement decisions that reduce the disproportionate use of suspension and expulsion for students of color. Blending research with real-life examples, the guide is designed to help teams select and analyze discipline data indicators to determine whether disproportionality exists in a school’s or district’s discipline practices. The guide also describes how to use data as part of a Plan-Do-Study-Act continuous improvement cycle to improve desired school discipline outcomes

In addition, a recently released guide by REL Northeast and Islands helps districts use data to answer important questions about the use of disciplinary actions, such as whether there are differences in academic outcomes across the types of disciplinary actions students receive.

English learner students may benefit from differentiated early warning indicators

A new study from REL Northwest reveals a need to look more closely at specific populations of current or former English learner students to identify and support students most at risk of not graduating. The study looked at two early warning indicators and found they did not accurately identify many students who dropped out—especially newcomer English learner students.

A useful early warning indicator is precise enough not to flag too many students who would have graduated without additional supports yet sensitive enough to identify a substantial percentage of students who need additional interventions to avoid dropping out. The study’s findings suggest a need to examine the accuracy of indicators and interventions for newcomer English learner students.

RELs release new research on growth mindsets and networked improvement communities

Ask-A-REL Question of the Month: What does the research say about the impact of vouchers and charter schools on student achievement

As more states have considered or adopted public policies related to vouchers and charter schools, education stakeholders want to know about the impact of these policies on student achievement. REL Northwest’s Ask-A-REL librarian reviewed the available research and compiled this response.

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