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May 8, 2017

Win Up To $100 Off A Continuing Studies Class!

Continuing a slow blogging day…

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Lifelong learners:
Take a class this year, on us!
Headshot of Carrie Sanders, a lifelong learner and participant in the Servant Leadership program
“I never thought of myself as an extroverted, bubbly, out‑in‑front leader. But I always thought I was serving something—the community, a greater good. I believe the Servant Leadership program, with its principles of listening, empathizing, and making the leader’s goal the growth and development of others, has something for all leaders that can transform them and change the world.”

‑I am Carrie Sanders, and I’m a lifelong learner

Whether you love searching for information on the internet, exploring different parts of the world, or reading up on history, you’re a lifelong learner. So why not expand your mind with a Continuing Studies course? Better yet, enter to win a FREE* class of your choosing!
Enter by May 15 for a chance to win a free* registration to any Continuing Studies class during an upcoming semester. 10 randomly selected winners will be notified no later than May 30.

*Up to $100

Entries limited to 1 per person. Rules, terms, and conditions available here >
Questions? info@dcs.wisc.edu608‑262‑1156
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