Virtual School Meanderings

May 6, 2017

Virtual Schooling In The News

InTheNewsBeginning with the Connected Educator SmartBrief

NYU to expand digital teacher-training program

New York University’s Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching residency program places graduate students in the classroom as teacher trainees and offers digital mentoring for one year. Plans are underway to expand the program in the 2017-18 school year to other districts in New York — Syracuse and Albany — as well as to San Francisco and Tucson, Ariz.
EdSurge (4/28)

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

Violin and virtual school help student cope

Tucking her violin under her chin, Emma Palys drew her bow across the strings, sending notes soaring into the air. Palys spent weeks practicing the …

Online public school holds Edmond information session, opens enrollment for 2017-2018

… information sessions. For a full list of online information sessions, visit

Monday Profile: Edwards retiring from school she guided through changes

Together, they have sons Caleb, a Florida Virtual School teacher, and Jared, who works for The Mosaic Company. Edwards knew she wanted to teach …

Online Tuition-Free Public School Hosts Info Session in Pasadena

California Connections Academy, a tuition-free online public school, will be hosting a free information session on Wednesday, May 3, for families …

Top Scholars: Brevard Virtual School’s Brian Press

Name: Brian Press. School: Brevard Virtual School. Age:18. Hometown: Palm Bay. GPA: 3.61 unweighted. Top award: EFSC President’s List. Coming …

Violin and virtual school help student cope

Switching from public school to virtual classes also has helped Palys cope. Last year her parents enrolled her in N.C. Virtual Academy, an online …

Justice signs virtual ed bill, vetoes non-public student vocational access bill

Jim Justice on Wednesday signed a bill allowing public school systems to offer home-schoolers and other students full-time K-12 virtual education, …

Is virtual education the future?

Jonathan Northup enjoys school as much as an active 8-year-old boy can. His mother, Tina Northup, owes that to the experience Louisiana Virtual …

370 students granted transfers under new law

TAVARES – Using a lottery system, Lake County School District granted transfers to 370 of … Virtual school is another option for students, said Owens.

County commissioners ‘teach’ civics lesson

County Commissioners Lynn Peterson and Laverne Myers gave three high school students from the AbileneVirtual School a civics lesson during the …

Andover students storm Statehouse for 70th Student Government Day

TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School, which offers full-time, tuition-free public school for K-12 students, will hold an information …

Missouri Senate Passes School Choice, Transfer Proposal

The Missouri Senate has passed a school choice bill that would create … in a nearby charter school, virtual school or nonreligious private school.

Missouri Senate passes school choice, transfer proposal

The new bill would remove that provision and allow individual schools to … If those schools fill up, they may enroll in a nearby charter school, virtual …

Amid Ohio online school’s funding fight, other cases stall

Amid Ohio online school’s funding fight, other cases stall … to recover millions more from eight other virtual schools and delayed potential changes to …

Ex-primary school teacher is confronted by The Hunted One

He used to be an assistant headteacher at Kent County Council’s Virtual School, which helps educate children in care and those who had left school …

Kent County Council worker James Hope busted by vigilante group The Hunted One

At the time, the 38-year-old was an assistant head teacher at Kent County Council’s Virtual School – a service helping educate children in care and …

Limestone nearing contract for statewide online school

Alabama Connections Academy will be different from the district’s existing virtual school, which is designed for students living in Limestone County.

Digging into Kentucky’s charter school law: 20 things you need to know

Charter schools cannot solely be a “virtual” school. Joseph Waddington, assistant professor of Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation at the …

Students, teachers opting for online schools

“I just felt like it was time to branch out and I love technology so the idea of a virtual school just sounded kind of cool,” said Nelson. It also allows her to …

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

In-district cyber school option proposed in Upper Darby

In-district cyber school option proposed in Upper Darby … Darby>> Upper Darby School District is looking to get into the cyber school arena in a move …

Online Academy filling niche for Pittsburgh school district

The aspiring Beechview photographer, now 17, found in the city school district’s cyber school a convenient way to juggle her part-time grocery job at …

In-district cyber school option proposed in Upper Darby

Upper Darby>> Upper Darby School District is looking to get into the cyber school arena in a move to keep cyber charter students in the district and …

Marking achievement a challenge for growing Pittsburgh Online Academy

The aspiring Beechview photographer, now 17, found in the city school district’s cyber school a convenient way to juggle her part-time grocery job at …

Charter School Reform Legislation Approved by Pennsylvania House

“Second, my legislation will improve school choice by strengthening the law under which charter, regional charter and cyber charter schools.”.

Accountant’s Sentencing Delayed Again In Pa. Cyber Charter School Scam

Federal prosecutors contend Prence conspired with Nicholas Trombetta who pleaded guilty to the fraud in August involving The Pennsylvania Cyber …

Better-Educated Families Less Likely to Choose Pa. Cyber Charters, Study Finds

As information about the academic struggles of Pennsylvania’s cyber charters has become more accessible, the full-time online schools have …

Schools work to limit absenteeism

Griffiths said he also is trying to level the field for students who are coming to the brick-and-mortar school, rather than attending cyber school.

Cyber-mentoring connects Georgia, Pennsylvania students

Scintilla Charter Academy fifth-graders Shye Richardson, left, and Jabari Williams, right talk to Pennsylvania tenth-graders Takouma Goto, left, and …

Chi works on ideas to lure students back to district schools

Sherman said there are currently 100 Chichester students participating in-state cyber school programs and 10 pupils in the county alternative school.

School district forum addresses state’s new attendance policy

He asked if students could keep up with their studies online, which Butler said they might be able to do through the district’s cyber school. Antonio …

State impressed by Superior Central

“We also talked about accountability for the cyber schools because we do see a trend in students leaving our schools and going to a cyber school for …


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