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April 14, 2017

April 2017: SRI @ AERA | Linked Learning | Cyberlearning | STEAM

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SRI Education Notes - April 2017

Evidence in Bloom

April brings spring holidays, warmer weather, and a profusion of research presentations! In this edition of SRI Education Notes, you’ll find information about all the findings we are presenting at this month’s AERA Annual Meeting, plus more detailed information about our work on digital learning environments, linked learning, making and STEAM, and more. Across the articles in this newsletter, you’ll see how SRI is at the forefront of translating evidence to improvement.
Denise Glyn Borders, President, SRI Education

AERA logo

Knowledge to Action, SRI Style

Don’t miss our researchers’ presentations at this year’s AERA meeting—from “Key Issues in Validity Research” to “Integrating Computational Thinking Across Curricular Domains”. Check out the full list of SRI Education AERA presentations.

Measurement in Digital Environments White paper series

International ECD Collaborations

SRI and A4L researchers worked with international scholars students to develop a white paper series documenting ECD approaches for measuring constructs in digital learning environments.Measurement in Digital Environments | White Paper Series.

Students working together in a lab

Transforming High School by Creating Career Pathways

In our new brief, we examine five groups of students frequently underserved by traditional schools to understand Linked Learning’s impact on access and equity.

CyberLearning 2017 program cover

Cyberlearning 2017: What’s Next? Making Connections to Shape the Future

Leading researchers along with students, educators, designers, and industry experts will work together for two days at Cyberlearning 2017 to accelerate the community’s collective work and impact. Participate virtually—sign up for the webcast. #NSFCL17

ASSISTments logo

Online Mathematics Homework Increases Student Achievement One of Most Read Education Research Articles of 2016!

Our researchers found that an online homework tool with teacher training improved math learning among seventh-grade students. Online Mathematics Homework Increases Student Achievement explores the use of the ASSISTments intervention.

STEAM Handbook cover

Making and STEAM Go Together

SRI Education partnered with HP to design STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)-based maker activities for use with the Sprout Pro All In One Computer by HP. The resulting STEAM Handbook contains more than a dozen projects for K-12 students on specific STEAM concepts.

Photo pf Jeremy Roschelle

What is Cyberlearning?

Jeremy Roschelle and CTL-Alum Vera Michalchik have published an encyclopedia entry on the new field of Cyberlearning, a movement to realize the transformative potential of learning technology by focusing on advanced scientific understanding of how people learn. Read the new entry.

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SRI Education

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