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April 10, 2017

Enter To Win A FREE* Continuing Studies Class!

From Sunday’s inbox…

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Lifelong learners:
Take a class on us this year
Headshot of lifelong learner Nick Chiarkas who participated in Write by the Lake
“I took the beginners’ course in writing a novel at the Write‑by‑the‑Lake Writer’s Workshop and Retreat, and that made all the difference in the world. This is where I came to get inspired, to feel, and to learn it all again. The instructors are brilliant. The writers and student attendees bring a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and interests. They all come together not to compete, but to lend a hand, brainstorm, give support. We learn so much from each other.”

‑I am Nick Chiarkas, and I’m a lifelong learner

Whether you love searching for information on the internet, exploring different parts of the world, or reading up on history, you’re a lifelong learner. So why not expand your mind with a Continuing Studies course? Better yet, enter to win a FREE* class of your choosing!
Enter by May 15 to win a free* Continuing Studies class during an upcoming semester.
10 randomly selected winners will be notified no later than May 30.

*Up to $100

Entries limited to 1 per person. Rules, terms, and conditions available here >
Questions? info@dcs.wisc.edu608‑262‑1156
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