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March 31, 2017

MERLOT: One Stop Searching for All Your OER Needs!

Another item from Wednesday’s inbox…

MERLOT March 29, 2017
MERLOT: One Stop Searching for All Your OER Needs!
MERLOT Smart Search
merlot collectionother collectionsthe webThe new The new MERLOT Smart Search extends access to online learning materials well beyond MERLOT’s curated and peer reviewed collection.  Smart Search helps to answer the pervasive and nagging question, “Where can I find OERs?”

Smart Search searches the World Wide Web specifically for the kinds of learning materials that typical MERLOT users seek. It uses a proprietary MERLOT user profile design to find the newest and most popular learning materials available in learning materials libraries and also on the WWW.  While these resources are not peer reviewed or curated, users can contribute materials that show up in the hit list, to the MERLOT collection for subsequent curation and peer review by our 25 MERLOT Editorial Boards.  And materials discovered by Smart Search can be added to users’ MERLOT Bookmark Collections.  Smart Search is easy to use: just click on the tab that describes the universe of resources you want to explore, and MERLOT does the smart searching for you.

smart search hit list

Watch for more exciting extensions to the MERLOT Smart Search in the future.  We intend to make MERLOT your first and last stop when you need to find quality and up-to-date OERs for your teaching and research. more exciting extensions to Smart Search in the future. We intend to make MERLOT your first and last stop when you need to find quality and up-to-date OERs for your teaching and research.

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More New Features…
New One-Page Form for Adding a Material

Adding a learning material to MERLOT just got easier! We’ve replaced our multi-step approach with a simple one-page form for adding anything you’ve created or found on the web to the MERLOT Collection.

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New Advanced Search Forms

Our Material and Member Advanced Search forms have also been updated to make them much faster and easier to use.

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Content Builder: A Fresh New Design

MERLOT is releasing a new interface design for its popular Web development tool, Content Builder.  Originally built and supported by the Carnegie Foundation, MERLOT adopted and integrated the system into “main MERLOT” about 10 years ago.  Since then we have refined the functionality of the Content Builder, and with this latest release, have made the user interface even more intuitive.  Join the thousands of Content Builder users and try it!  Simply click on the “Create Materials with Content Builder” tile on the MERLOT home page (  For assistance in getting started, check out the Content Builder User’s Guide.

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In Other News…
IEEE Endorses MERLOT Computer Science and IT Portals

The IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Education Society have recently endorsed MERLOT’s two new discipline portals – Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT).  The endorsement is a consequence of the MERLOT taxonomy for those two disciplines that are aligned with the Computer Science Accreditation Board (CSAB) recommended list of undergraduate course topics.  Instructors teaching those disciplines can readily discover MERLOT learning materials that are connected with their CS and IT courses.

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