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March 25, 2017

[AECT] DDReads: Chat and Webinar


This may be of interest to some…

How do we design and develop learning instances for learners from diverse backgrounds? What challenges persist in addressing the digital divide? This inaugural session of #AECTDDREADS will explore potential directions for researchers and practitioners regarding issues of equity and diversity.

Dr. Albert Ritzhaupt | Associate Professor, University of Florida

Ritzhaupt, A., Liu, F., Dawson, K., & Barron, A. (2013). Differences in student information and communication technology literacy based on socio-economic status, ethnicity, and gender: evidence of a digital divide in Florida schools. Journal of Research on Technology, 45(4), 291-307

Dr. Andrew Tawfik | Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

Tawfik, A.A., Reeves, T.D., & Stich, A. (2016). Intended and unintended consequences of educational technology on social inequality. TechTrends, 60(6): p. 598-605.
  Par t 1: Live Facebook Chat
  Monday | 3.27.17 | 8:00 PM EST |

Join us live for a guided Facebook chat session to share your perspectives and experiences related to equity and diversity in educational technology. We’ll also discuss the two focus articles for this event and kickstart conversation prior to the live webinar.

Par t 2: Webinar
  Wednesday | 3.29.17 | 3:00 PM EST |

During this free one-hour webinar, Drs. Albert Ritzhaupt and Andrew Tawfik will discuss their recent research and publications related to inequality in educational technology. To participate in this session, please register at

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