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March 20, 2017

QM K-12 News: A New Perspective, A Special Resource and Much More!

Something that came through my electronic desk at some point last week.

QM news focused on the K-12 community for March, 2017.
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K-12 Online & Blended Learning Newsletter

March, 2017

Sometimes All You Need Is…
A new perspective!

That’s what QM member, Ashley Walsh, Virtual High School, Prince William County Schools, VA  discovered after participating in several of QM’s Teaching Online Certificate (TOC) workshops. As Ashley explains, participating in the TOC workshops gave her the tools she needed to look at her courses with a new perspective. Specifically, the Orienting Your Online Learners workshop made her take a second look at whether or not her course design let learners know exactly where they need to go and what they need to do every day. Additionally, the Evaluating Your Course Design workshop helped her fine tune her objectives and establish alignment between her objectives, instructional activities, and assessments, ensuring that her students had the tools and information they needed to master the material and be successful in the course.

In addition to the TOC, Quality Matters provides many opportunities for you to get a new perspective on your course. Consider participating in our upcoming QM Live! Spring Get Active Series where you’ll be given tools and information to help you take another look at several aspects of your course including alignment, measurable objectives and learner engagement. And becoming a K-12 Course Reviewer can help too! As a Peer Reviewer you get to see what other people are doing with their course. That’s a great way to get a fresh perspective on your own course!

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A Resource You Didn’t Know You Had
Designing online and/or blended learning experiences for your students can be an overwhelming task. You already know that QM has a K-12 Secondary Rubric that can help guide you with this, but did you know that there is a community of instructional designers within the larger QM Community who struggle with many of the same issues you do?

The QM Instructional Designers Association (QM IDA) is made up of QM Members who are passionate about course design and want to share ideas and best practices with others. The QM IDA is open to QM Members who have instructional design experience. It’s free to join and includes many benefits:

Check them out…you might find the support and resources you need!

How Are You Going to Connect With the QM Community?
Connecting with the QM Community is an important part of delivering on your online promise. When you connect with the QM Community, you have the chance to share your ideas and experiences. The connections you make provide you with a forum to discuss problems and solutions to online challenges. And they create inspiration. So how are you going to connect with the QM Community?

Present at a Conference
Last year’s QM Conference was a great opportunity for the K-12 community to come together and tackle quality assurance issues in online learning. It was wonderful to see everyone collaborating around our common language — not only within our K-12 circle, but the larger K-20 community as well. We have so much to learn from one another, and our unique situations. That’s why this year we are integrating K-12 sessions into the regular conference tracks. Now we need to make sure we have great K-12 representation! Please consider submitting a proposal for this year’s conference in order to share the exceptional things you are doing in your online learning classrooms. This is your opportunity to showcase your ideas, connect with your peers and help others solve their online challenges. The deadline for submissions is April 7th, and the conference will take place in Fort Worth, Texas on September 24-27, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact QM’s K-12 program Director, Christine Voelker.

Attend a Conference
Next month, many members of the QM Community will be gathering in NYC for the QM Regional Conference. Why not join them? The conference will be held at Berkeley College in Manhattan with pre-conference workshops on April 20 and a variety of sessions on April 21. Topics include:

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect, learn and share in New York City. Register today!
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Welcome New Members!
We are pleased to welcome new member:

Wisconsin eSchool Network

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Putting Quality Assurance Into Practice
When it comes to putting quality assurance into practice, who better to learn from than those who are doing it? That’s why each month we are going to feature a tip from a Quality Matters K-12 member. This month’s tip focuses on course design and comes from Jolene and Jeff at Idaho Digital Learning:

“We have found that listing the measurable objectives and mapping each objective to a corresponding assignment or assessment helps the team design courses that clearly communicate what is most important and what is expected to our students.”

Do you have a quality assurance tip that you would like to share? If so, please contact QM’s Digital Communications and Social Media Manager, Amy Santo.


Do you have funds to use before your fiscal year ends? Why not use them to prepay for Quality Matters professional development workshops and course reviews? For more information, please contact Quality Matters CFO, Tom Claffey.

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