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March 13, 2017

The Evolving Online Landscape –

Something from last week that came from one of my open scholarship networks to begin the week.
Cathy Cavanaugh Cathy Cavanaugh
Bookmarked by Cathy Cavanaugh

The Evolving Online Landscape

Cathy Cavanaugh Cathy Cavanaugh
Bookmarked by Cathy Cavanaugh

Real learning happens in virtual schools

Research proves that online learning works. Now attention is turning to evaluating the methods and means for continued growth and success.

Noah De Lissovoy Noah De Lissovoy
Bookmarked by George Veletsianos

Scripted Fantasies and Innovative Orientalisms: Media, Youth, and Ideology in the Age of the “War on Terror”

Daniel Recktenwald Daniel Recktenwald
Bookmarked by Patrick Williams

Journal of Pragmatics: Recktenwald (2017) – Toward a transcription and analysis of live streaming on Twitch

Online live streaming is a new media genre that combines the broadcast of an activity with cross-modal video-mediated communication. Lacking an analytical entry point, descriptions and micro-level analysis of this type of interaction are rare. Using the case of online live streaming of video games, this paper asks two questions. First, how should a transcript look like in order to systematically account for the activity and the cross-modal communication between broadcaster and audience? Secondly, how does the unfolding of the activity influence the cross-modal discourse during online live…

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