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March 9, 2017

SITE 2017 – Virtual Schools Are COOL But A Hot Topic: Exploring The Proposed Introduction Of Virtual Charter Schools In New Zealand

The thirty-sixth session that I am blogging here at SITE 2017 related to K-12 Online and Blended Learning is:

Virtual schools are COOL but a hot topic: Exploring the proposed introduction of virtual charter schools in New Zealand

  1. Keryn Pratt, University of Otago, New Zealand
  2. Sandra Williamson-Leadley

    Sandra Williamson-Leadley

    University of Otago College of Education
    Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

    , University of Otago, New Zealand

Thursday, March 9 1:45 PM-2:45 PM

Presider: {% thumbnail “micro” crop=”center” as photo % Federica Incerti, Ohio University, United States

A proposal is currently with the New Zealand Parliament, suggesting that students in the compulsory schooling sector be able to complete part or all of their schooling online. These online programmes would be able to be offered by Communities of Online Learning (COOLs), who could be current schools, higher education institutions, or private or community-based organisations. In general, the reactions to this proposal have been negative, with numerous concerns raised about the possibility. This round table will explore the New Zealand context and present the relevant parts of the proposed Bill, before exploring the reactions to it. Attendees will then be encouraged to participate in a discussion around the proposed changes, bringing lessons learned from experiences in their own country.

K-12 Online Learning

I really wish I could be in this session, but I’m on the shuttle on my way back to the airport.  So if you are in the room, please post your notes below.

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