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March 9, 2017

SITE 2017 – Make It Real: Designing Authentic Online GIS Learning For A K12 Audience

The thirty-eighth session – and final for the conference – that I am blogging here at SITE 2017 related to K-12 Online and Blended Learning is:

Make it real: Designing authentic online GIS learning for a K12 audience

  1. Aaron Doering

    Aaron Doering

    Univ of Minnesota
    Minneapolis, MN

    Aaron H. Doering, PhD; Associate Professor, Learning Technologies; Co-Director, LT …

    , University of Minnesota, United States

  2. Jeni Henrickson, University of Minnesota, United States

Thursday, March 9 2:15-2:45 PM

No presider for this session.

Geographic knowledge and spatial thinking skills are key in today’s globally interdependent world. New tools and models are needed, however, to guide teachers and learners alike through the process of geographic inquiry using new technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS). EarthXplorers is a new online learning environment that integrates a GIS platform and takes an inquiry- and project-based approach to learning GIS. This environment uses U.S. historical sites of significance tied to contemporary issues to advance spatial thinking and geographic inquiry skills. Our study explores teacher and student engagement with EarthXplorers as it examines how geographic inquiry, spatial thinking, and creative problem-solving skills are impacted by engagement with an online learning environment centered on GIS learning using real-world examples.

Full Paper
K-12 Online Learning New Possibilities with Information Technologies Geospatial Education

I really wish I could be in this session, but I’m on the shuttle on my way back to the airport.  So if you are in the room, please post your notes below.

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