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March 8, 2017

SITE 2017 – Transitioning Students from Traditional to Self-regulated Learning

The twenty-third session that I am blogging here at SITE 2017 related to K-12 Online and Blended Learning is:

Transitioning Students from Traditional to Self-regulated Learning

  1. Letitia Snow, Athens State University, United States
  2. Yadi Ziaee, Athens State University, United States

Wednesday, March 8 11:30 AM-12:30 PM in Creekside I View on map

Presider: Kamisha Kirby, NC State University

With paradigm shifts in technology and the needs for preparing 21st century learners in the State of Alabama and the global market, Athens State University has partnered with Athens City Schools (ACS) in an effort to effectively equip students in an engaging learning environment. Through its constant growth of Educational Technologies programs, Athens State University is seeking to provide K-12, higher education, and virtual instructors with needed training to enhance their pedagogical and academic agency. The early and sustained partnership between university students and Athens City Schools has established a strong and healthy connection between the two which is having positive impacts on both ACS and Athens State, by using students in the College of Education to create online K-12 courses. The key to online education is changing the scope of delivery of instruction, building partnerships with schools that share similar goals, resources, and student experiences.

Distance/Flexible Education K-12 Online Learning New Possibilities with Information Technologies

Note that I am presenting at the same time as this session, so I am unable to take notes.  If you happen to be in this session, I’d encourage you to post your notes below.

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