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March 8, 2017

NEW USDLA Newsletter 2017

And another item from Monday’s inbox… Newsletter
Dr. Farhad Saba
Founder, Editor
USDLA Hall of Fame Inductee Newsletter
Dr. John G. Flores, USDLA
CEO / Executive Director
Associate Editor
Foundations of quality in competency-based programs: Competencies and assessments

Although there is a recent rise in attention surrounding competency-based education, this learning modality has a long history. Competency-based education was first introduced in the United States during the 1960s in an effort to ensure students were being prepared for postsecondary life with the skills they would need to be successful. Competency-based education was based […]

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A Delphi study of effective practices for developing competency-based learning models in higher educationBackground: There are over 600 universities developing competency-based education (CBE) programs in response to student and employer desire to bridge the gap between academic outcomes and employer needs (Fain 2015,https://www.insidehighered. com/news/2015/09/10/amid-competency-based-education-boom-meeting-help-colleges-do-it-right). However, research is still emerging on effective practices for developing CBE programs. Methods: The purpose of this qualitative Delphi study was to gather expert opinions about effective practices for […]

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Tools That May Discourage Quality WritingPrograms that promote themselves as helping students paraphrase may be helping them plagiarize, researcher warns. Inside Higher Ed

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Learning Analytics Research for LMS Course Design: Two StudiesFindings from two research studies at scale reveal the implications of learning analytics research for designing courses in learning management systems. Data-driven interventions shine light on our institutional conceptions of learning, who our students are, and our responsibility â” or perhaps our willingness â” to support students. By focusing the lens of analytics on course design, we may be able to define success in […]

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5 Ways to Combat Loneliness and Isolation in Online LearningOnline learning is extremely convenient. It allows me and my students to work from home in pretty much any location in the country; it gives students the opportunity to work with educators who live in other areas and allows adult students to maintain full-time employment while studying. However, many students are feeling the social isolation […]

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‘Huge Deal for a Small School’: Online degree programs are the greatest source of revenueAt Simmons College, two online degree programs launched less than five years ago are about to become the greatest source of tuition revenue on the campus. Inside Higher Education

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Increasing Student Engagement in Online Educational Leadership CoursesUtilization of online instruction continues to increase at universities, placing more emphasis on the exploration of issues related to adult graduate student engagement. This reflective case study reviews nontraditional student engagement in online courses. The goals of the study are to enhance student focus, attention, and interaction. Findings suggest that interactivity seems to be a […]

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Teaching Online: Where Do Faculty Spend Their Time?An understanding of online teaching time requirements provides essential information to inform scheduling, course size and instructor workload; in addition, awareness of the distribution of time across online teaching tasks provides insight to focus faculty efforts and tailor professional development to target instructional needs. The purpose of the current study is to examine the investment […]

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Student Satisfaction as a Predictor of Retention in a Professional Online For-Profit Higher Education InstitutionThis study expanded on prior satisfaction and retention research by exploring this relationship within the online for-profit sector. An ex post facto design was utilized at an online for-profit undergraduate institution with programs in the creative arts to explore the relationship between student satisfaction as measured by the Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL) and […]

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