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March 8, 2017 Free e-Newsletter – 3/6/17

A newsletter that I received on Monday (and am only getting around to posting today due to the volume of conference-related entries). Newsletter
MARCH 6, 2017
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Higher education providers are becoming increasingly aware of the diversity of their current and potential learners and are moving to provide a range of options for their engagement. The increasingly flexible delivery modes available for university students provide multiple pathways and opportunities or those seeking further education. In changing between and across modes, a one-size-fits-all approach is often used. That […]

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Welcome to United States Distance Learning Association and Thanks to Dr. John G. Flores CEO and Executive Director, USDLA

We are pleased to welcome our colleagues in the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) who will join us as new subscribers to and extend our appreciation to Dr. John G. Flores who has made this collaboration between USDLA and possible. CONTACT INFORMATION Dr. John G. Flores CEO and Executive Director United States […]

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Enriching Higher Education with Social Media: Development and Evaluation of a Social Media Toolkit

While ubiquitous in everyday use, in reality, social media usage within higher education teaching has expanded quite slowly. Analysis of social media usage of students and instructors for teaching, learning, and research purposes across four countries (Russia, Turkey, Germany, and Switzerland) showed that many higher education instructors actively use social media for private purposes. However, […]

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Why Do Academics Use Academic Social Networking Sites?

Academic social-networking sites (ASNS) such as and ResearchGate are becoming very popular among academics. These sites allow uploading academic articles, abstracts, and links to published articles; track demand for published articles, and engage in professional interaction. This study investigates the nature of the use and the perceived utility of the sites for academics. The […]

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Virtual team learning: The role of collaboration process and technology affordance in team decision making

The study examines two dimensions that impact virtual team decision making. One is the influence of collaboration process structure: the sequences, patterns, and routines participants use to interact and solve problems. The other is technology affordance: the strengths and weaknesses of technologies in terms of the usefulness they offer to teams when performing tasks. Some […]

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Learning Analytics Research for LMS Course Design: Two Studies

Findings from two research studies at scale reveal the implications of learning analytics research for designing courses in learning management systems. Data-driven interventions shine light on our institutional conceptions of learning, who our students are, and our responsibility — or perhaps our willingness — to support students. By focusing the lens of analytics on course design, we may be able to define success in […]

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5 Ways to Combat Loneliness and Isolation in Online Learning

Online learning is extremely convenient. It allows me and my students to work from home in pretty much any location in the country; it gives students the opportunity to work with educators who live in other areas and allows adult students to maintain full-time employment while studying. However, many students are feeling the social isolation […]

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D2L Expands its Global Reach to Colombia and UAE

D2L to Modernize Education for New Customers in Colombia Higher education and professional organizations select Brightspace to provide flexible learning options, virtual and mobile capabilities D2L, a global learning technology leader, is proud to announce that a range of customers across Colombia have selected its Brightspace LMS (learning management system). Universities and other institutions in South America’s second-most […]

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‘Huge Deal for a Small School’: Online degree programs are the greatest source of revenue

At Simmons College, two online degree programs launched less than five years ago are about to become the greatest source of tuition revenue on the campus. Inside Higher Education

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