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March 6, 2017

SITE 2017 – K–12 Online Learning (ITC) SIG

The third session that I am blogged here at SITE 2017 related to K-12 Online and Blended Learning is:

12:45 PM-1:45 PM in Capitol H

K–12 Online Learning (ITC) SIG

The agenda for the business meeting was:

I won’t repeat too much that you can find in the actual agenda – just jump over there and see what we chatted about.

The meeting began with introductions around the room with the 10 folks that were in attendance.  Jered sort of went down through the agenda items.  There was a robust discussion about how to solicit more proposals for future years – and if those reading this entry have suggestions, we’d welcome them.

There was also a robust discussion about what else the SIG could be doing in between conferences to engage the SIG membership – another topic that the SIG would welcome suggestions on.

Jered and Kathryn – and Leanna – also wanted to bring to our attention a call for a special issue coming up with Journal of Online Learning Research about Online and Blended Learning for Diverse Learners.

Kathryn then went through all of the opportunities available to K-12 online and blended learning scholars through the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute.

We finished with the election for the new Associate Chair, with Keryn Pratt being selected by the membership.

Again, check out the agenda Google Doc for more detailed notes –

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