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March 1, 2017

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Creating Presence in Online Courses
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Online instructors face a unique challenge: keeping students’ attention at a distance. This four‑week online mini‑course workshop, Creating Presence in Online Courses, is designed for instructors, instructional designers, and practitioners who work with online programs, helping them develop this specialized skill.

“Not only is it important to provide good content and engage learners; you also need to create a sense of presence,” says instructor Simone C.O. Conceição, a professor in the Department of Administrative Leadership at the University of Wisconsin‑Milwaukee and visiting professor of distance teaching and learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “It is essential for fostering learner engagement and community in an online learning environment.”

Creating Presence in Online Courses is offered by the University of Wisconsin‑Madison’s Distance Education Professional Development and is ideal for those with at least some experience teaching online. From March 6 to April 2, this online mini‑course workshop will introduce presence and the important role it plays in an online course as experienced by instructor and learner. It will provide practical examples, evidence‑based principles, and a design framework for creating presence. Participants will learn to develop activities that foster a sense of presence and promote student engagement in online courses. Upon completion of course project a certificate will be awarded along with a digital credential.

Learn how to engage and build a community with your students.

Questions? • Contact Kat Abbott • kabbott@wisc.edu608‑890‑2873
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