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February 25, 2017

New Workshop Topics Announced

From Wednesday’s inbox…

Online Learning Consortium -
New Workshop Offerings in 2017
Enhance your online teaching skills with these new OLC workshop topics.

The Institute for Professional Development is excited to be rolling out a series of new workshops for 2017! We have a great line-up of topics that will keep you ahead of the curve in the field of online and digital education. Enhance your knowledge and instructional practice with one or more of these workshops. There will be more offerings added as the year progresses, so stay tuned!

Upcoming Workshops

Essentials of the OLC Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice (QCTIP) Scorecard
An Introduction to LX Design
Strategic Planning for Web Accessibility
Strategies for Effective Mobile Learning in the Online and Blended Classroom
Essentials of the OLC QCTIP Scorecard
95x100_teaching.png March 13-19, 2017

The Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice (QCTIP) Scorecard is the latest addition to the OLC Quality Scorecard suite. This comprehensive rubric which addresses online pedagogy and instructional practices, can be used by educators to self-evaluate and improve their practice. Since good course design is inherent to good teaching, the QCTIP scorecard also addresses components of quality course design. Facilitator Dr. Kaye Shelton will introduce the QCTIP Scorecard, provide some of the foundational research used in the development and cover the fundamentals of the quality rubric.

LX Design | Web Accessibility

July 10-16, 2017

Learner Experience (LX) Design utilizes well-established user experience (UX) design, service design, and design thinking methods to focus the design of synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences on those who matter most: the learners. Try as we might, no course design is perfect for every learner.

Drawing from methods used in user experience design, learning design, and service design, this introductory workshop—facilitated by Dr. Jessica Knott—provides a basic overview of what LX Design is, and a taste of how it can help you identify and solve some of the difficulties your students may encounter in your course. Register >


Sept 25-Oct 1, 2017

The question of how to make online and web-based content accessible is emerging as one of the top issues of concern among online educators, and for all institutions that provide online education. Research trends show that while there is a greater awareness of Section 508 accessibility compliance requirements, most campuses lack the resources they need to address these issues quickly and comprehensively. The Department of Justice has recently updated requirements to ensure that Section 508 and the WCAG 2.0 standards become the law of the land, which is set to go into effect in January 2018. Facilitator Wendy MacColl will help you prepare your institution for these upcoming changes to the law with this timely workshop that will guide you in developing a web accessibility plan (WAP).  Register >

Effective Mobile Learning in the Classroom
Nov 6-12, 2017

What’s the best smartphone? What apps should I use? Should everything be in the Learning Management System (LMS)? Is there a best-practice to incorporate mobile devices? Isn’t online learning done on a laptop? What about wearables and other ‘new’ tech? Facilitator Dr. Scott Hamm will help you answer these questions and give you a proven, time-saving approach to the big three (Practices, Applications, and Devices, or P.A.D.) that will save you time and money, and increase your effectiveness. You will also receive several mobile learning takeaways that you can implement immediately in your own online or blended class.

ADA & Web Accessibility Self-Paced Workshop
Improving access to online education means, among other things, ensuring that your online course materials, teaching and learning activities, and assessments are accessible for all learners. This workshop will help you better understand the legal framework for accessibility in online education and how learners with disabilities participate in online classes. You will also explore the practical application of procedures that instructional designers, instructors, developers and administrators follow when they create ADA compliant online courses.Register >
Full Institute Schedule
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The Online Learning Consortium | P.O. Box 1238 | Newburyport | MA | 01950

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