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February 20, 2017

New Guide For Trauma-Informed Teaching, Revamped 6+1 Trait Writing institute, Research On Impact Of School Vouchers, #BlackHistoryMonth

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Latest News from Education Northwest
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Honoring African Americans Working to Improve Education in Our Region

In honor of Black History Month, Education Northwest is recognizing the contributions of African American educators and community leaders in our region who are doing exceptional work to improve public education and make a difference in students’ lives. Learn more about the four leaders we are honoring for 2017.

Study Finds Oregon Promise Influenced Students’ College-Going Decisions

Education Northwest has released a study that shows Oregon Promise, a new state grant program that covers most tuition at Oregon community colleges, appears to already be having an impact on the college-going decisions of students—particularly first-generation college students.

New Guide Provides Strategies for Educating Traumatized Children

Teachers have dealt with the impact of trauma on students for years, and research suggests that educators can moderate the effects of trauma by forging strong relationships with traumatized children and providing a safe and supportive learning environment. Education Northwest has published a free resource, “A Practitioner’s Guide to Educating Traumatized Children,” that provides insights drawn from the latest research, as well as a set of trauma-informed classroom practices for educators.

Study Looks at Academic Prep of Spanish-Speaking Students, Addresses Gaps in Advanced Coursetaking

A new study by REL Northwest found Spanish-speaking students—the largest group of language minority students in Washington state—take fewer advanced courses and earn lower grades in those courses than other language minority students and English-only speakers, regardless of whether they are classified as English learners. Differences in advanced course enrollment and performance disappear when students have the same grade point average and test scores in the prior school year.

Learn How to Scaffold 6+1 Trait Writing for Diverse Learners

Come to our June 21–22, 2017 institute in Portland, Oregon. Want to learn more on how to improve writing for your English learner students, students with special needs and gifted and talented students through the 6+1 Trait Writing model? Come to our summer institute in Oregon to learn new approaches to scaffolding that will help you teach all students to become stronger, more confident writers. Find out more and register to reserve your spot today.

Ask A REL Response: Research on the Impact of School Vouchers

As more states are implementing or considering vouchers that provide private school funding for students with disabilities, low-income students, students in low-performing schools, or students in rural areas without public schools, more attention is being paid to the impact of vouchers on the students they are designed to assist. What does the research say? Check out our Ask A REL librarian’s response. If you want more information about this or other topics, contact Jennifer Klump for free, customized answers to your research questions.

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