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February 19, 2017

New Blog Post: Developing the Strengths of Students with Dyslexia: Six Teaching Strategies

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Students with dyslexia are intelligent but struggle to “crack the code” of written language. What can educators do to best support them in the classroom?

Developing the Strengths of Students with Dyslexia: Six Teaching Strategies

By Marybeth Flachbart

Many people think dyslexia is a vision problem that causes readers to see letters in reverse.

This is not the case.

When people are able to read quickly and effortlessly, their brains process the basic sound elements (phonemes) that come together as letters (graphemes) in words that ultimately make up written language.

People with dyslexia have difficulty translating letters into their corresponding sounds. As a result, correctly identifying words on a page is a challenge—which impacts a student’s ability to read and write.

However, as Dr. Sally Shaywitz of The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity says, “Dyslexia is an island of weakness in a sea of strengths.”

Unfortunately, even though students with dyslexia usually have average or above-average intelligence. . . .

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