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February 12, 2017

Worth A Read

A regular Sunday feature…

Worth A Read

Distortion in A-F Accountability Scales

Posted: 07 Feb 2017 09:00 PM PST

David Casalaspi provides an overview of A-F report cards. He concludes, “An A-F grading system might be appealing for its simplicity, but it also risks painting with too broad a brush, and policymakers will therefore have to be cautious.”

Addressing California’s Growing Teacher Shortage: 2017 Update

Posted: 07 Feb 2017 09:00 PM PST

Desiree Carver-Thomas & Linda Darling-Hammond update a January 2016 report on teacher shortages in California. “While the state has made initial investments in increasing the supply of well-prepared teachers, these investments will take time to yield qualified educators. More action is needed to ensure a robust, well-prepared teacher workforce now and into the future.”

Do For-Profit Managers Spend Less on Schools and Instruction? A National Analysis of Charter School Staffing Expenditures

Posted: 06 Feb 2017 09:00 PM PST

Mark Weber and Bruce Baker look at “school site expenditures to evaluate spending variations between traditional district operated schools and charter schools operated by for-profit versus nonprofit management firms.” Their study found that charters spend less per pupil on instructional salaries compared with public school districts. Additionally, Weber and Baker find that for-profit charters spend less on instructional salaries than nonprofits.

House Votes to Overturn ESSA Accountability, Teacher-Prep Rules

Posted: 06 Feb 2017 09:00 PM PST

Andrew Ujifusa covers an action by the U.S. House of Representatives to overturn key provisions of accountability and teacher-prep policies under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Moody’s: Closures may hit Michigan school districts financially

Posted: 05 Feb 2017 09:00 PM PST

Lori Higgins writes about the impact of proposed school closings on the finances of Michigan school districts. According to a report from Moody’s Investors Services: “The school closing process adds unpredictability to an already volatile sector and is credit negative for the affected districts because it makes budgeting for operations challenging and threatens revenues.”

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